PALM SPRINGS — Alfie Pettit’s ex-campaign consultant ripped a page directly from the Trump playbook when responding to a media story about his untimely departure from the campaign.

Minutes after reading the story, in which his former boss didn’t mince words, Randy Economy, in Trump fashion. sent at least a dozen Facebook messages in rapid-fire succession to threaten, bully, deride,and intimidate the reporter. (The only difference between him and Trump is that Trump turns to Twitter.)

The messages were peppered with expletives, a threat of legal action,  and a swipe at his former boss. They were riddled with bluster and bombast.

It is a carbon copy of the Trump playbook.

When Trump gets angry, he lashes out, blames the “fake news,” and refuses to take any responsibility for his own actions.

Trump Playbook Used in Palm Springs Race [Column] The parallels are to be expected, Economy served as Donald J. Trump’s California Media Advisor and Coordinator during the 2016 Presidential Campaign. He was President Trump’s special invited guest during his official Presidential Inaugural Ceremony in January 2017.

Why the conservative Trump devotee wanted to consult for a liberal, openly gay City Council candidate, who performs as a drag queen, is perplexing. Then, again, maybe not. It was clear from the day he burst on the scene he was out to get Mayor Pro Tem Kors.

Most political consultants conduct opposition research under the radar. If and when they find something, they use it. Not this guy.

Trump Playbook Used in Palm Springs Race [Column]He announced with great fanfare in July that he was seeking a wealth of public documents, including Kors’ telephone records and more. The former consultant issued a news release. His goal was to cast shade and doubt on Kors.

Uken Report made a conscious decision to write about it. It was not a popular decision, but it is one we stand by. The announcement provided great insight into the mindset of the campaign. As Pettit alleged, his former consultant set out to “seek and destroy.” It would ultimately — and allegedly — be part of his demise.

Seems the Trump playbook backfired on the former consultant.

Facebook Message 3In the nearly three months since his public records request, there have been no bombshells, no improprieties uncovered, no news releases. Pettit told Uken Report his former consultant was “wishy washy” about what the documents showed. Let’s cut to the chase: If there was something it would have been broadcast.

It appears the former consultant allegedly used Pettit’s name, time, and money to pursue his own agenda.

That’s another page out of the Trump playbook. Trump uses taxpayers’ money and time to play golf and promote his resorts.

Facebook Message 4Pettit claims his former consultant has all the documents. Shouldn’t they belong to the campaign?

The Trump playbook might not be the best how-to book.

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