When we are flying across our great country and cruising along at Flight Level 350 (that’s 35,000 feet for you occupiers in Portland) and we sometimes hear a “ding” and the Captain says, ”I have illuminated the seat belt light because air traffic control says turbulence is ahead.” Well, turbulence will be the understatement when describing what is in store for us in the upcoming presidential election!

This election cycle our registered voters across America will be bombarded with emails, texts, and every manner of technological tools available to “mankind,” or is that “peoplekind?”

Our 44th  president brought technology to the presidential election and our 45th president refined it even more. The result was the biggest upset in political history. Technology is going to be the weapon of choice for the campaign team, independent expenditures, and political action committees again this cycle.

Yes, we will see the conventional “weapons of political warfare.” With mail-in ballots, absentee ballots and early voting available, the two presidential candidates will be running those television spots earlier than ever. Social media will be ablaze with the puff pieces and the hit pieces.

Both of our major party presidential candidates have colorful pasts and Joe’s record after 50 years in office provides the campaign for Donald with lots of material. With just three-plus years in office, Trump will defend his polices and his past. Ample material for his opponent and the Never Trumpers. 

In case you haven’t focused on U.S. Senate  and U.S. House of Representatives races, they are also a battleground! The Democrats want the Senate back and the Republicans are defending it as if their lives depended on it. Expect more turbulence here.

If you ever donated as little as $5 to a campaign, expect email or a text asking for a donation. These requests will come from your party, Senate and House candidates, super PACs and special interest groups. Each side, PACs  and special interest groups pore over donor records during and after elections and build massive data bases filled with donor data.

As Election Day draws closer, the polls will likely be close to even. That’s right — even or close to it. This means the GOTV (Get Out The Vote) efforts will be very important on both sides. Campaigns will use “robocalls” to remind you to vote. Many voters hate these things but they do work. If they give the candidate a one point edge they may win on GOTV efforts when combined with radio, TV, direct mail, old-fashioned rallies, social media and geo-fencing. Yes I said rallies  — with masks and social distancing. If you can riot and occupy without masks and social distancing, it is likely OK to rally for your candidate and America.

You are going to see those Sunday cable shows going into overdrive, too. The nightly shows on cable will be going all out. If you look at their ratings, the nightly cable shows give the advantage to President Trump. Talk radio is also, for the most part, in the Trump corner. Have no fear as the networks are all about Joe Biden. Since recent ratings show the networks all losing viewers, the advantage, at least statistically, leans to Republicans.

It remains to be seen what impact rioters and occupiers will have on the election. Count on their exploits being front and center in this presidential campaign. Law enforcement funding will also be a battle.

There will be those that want fully funded police officers and sheriff’s deputies on the street. On the other side there will those who think that money can be spent on higher priorities such as homeless, mental health, and housing. Voters have a clear choice.

So, get ready for the campaign season to take off! Put that seat back tray table in upright position and fasten your seat belt. Expect major turbulence. This is a battle for the heart and soul of a great nation filled with great people.

After this election is over Americas must unite on common ground. We have to get our friends and neighbors back to work and our children back to school safely.  We have to make our streets and neighborhoods safe. We must find a vaccine for COVID 19, and safe guard our environment while responsibly developing natural resources. Equal rights and concerns over racism will likely still be center stage and must be addressed . Our massive national debt must be addressed and how we maintain the social safety nets across America.  Our veteran and military personnel needs and equipment need further assistance and discussions. None of the above are in order of importance, but all are part of the fabric of America. They will be addressed by the successful presidential candidate.

The president our fellow voters choose will have much to say about all of the above. He will set the agenda for America. It matters not which party you belong to. If you are a Democrat, Independent, Decline to State, or Republican, please get out to vote. The America we love and the future of a great country are at stake.





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  • American Flag against turbulent sky: Shutterstock