Joy Miedecke says Trump bears no responsibility for the mob attack on the U.S. Capitol

La QUINTA — Joy Miedecke, president of East Valley Republican Women Federated, which has more than 300 members and is the largest of its kind in the state, told Uken Report that President Trump is not responsible for a mob attack on the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday in which four people were killed.

The deadly attack on one of the most iconic buildings in the nation began shortly after 1 p.m. ET Wednesday when hundreds of pro-Trump protesters pushed through barriers set up along the perimeter of the Capitol, where they tussled with officers in full riot gear, some calling the officers “traitors” for doing their jobs.

About 90 minutes later, police said demonstrators got into the building and the doors to the House and Senate were being locked. Shortly after, the House floor was evacuated by police. Vice President Mike Pence was also evacuated from the chamber, where he was to perform his role in the counting of electoral votes.

Smoke grenades were used on the Senate side of the Capitol, as police worked to clear the building of rioters. Windows on the west side of the Senate were broken, and hundreds of officers amassed on the first floor of the building.
At than 50 people have been arrested.
Valley GOP Leader Addresses Mob Attack on Capitol

Joy Miedecke

Miedecke helped generate a robust rally of support for President Trump when he visited the desert in February for a private fundraiser.

Following is a Q&A Uken Report had with Miedecke in lieu of a telephone interview.

Uken Report (UR): I asked if you would talk to me. You declined. Why?

Joy Miedecke: I am very unhappy with the press.  The interviews I have done with The Desert Sun lately have been misconstrued because they have added their opinions.

UR: What do you make of the mob storming the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday?

Joy Miedecke: “Today they are finding out that the mob was mostly Antifa infiltrating pro-Trump Republicans.” (Editor’s note: That has been debunked.)

UR: Do you think President Trump is in any way responsible for what has been called an insurrection?

Joy Miedecke: Absolutely not.  He recommended a peaceful march.  The history of Trump supporters (is) non-violence.

UR: Do you believe the election was stolen from Donald Trump? Why or why not?

Joy Miedecke: “Absolutely.  According to documented information, yes.”

UR: Do you think President Trump will leave peacefully?

Joy Miedecke: “Yes, without a doubt. ”

UR: Should he?

Joy Miedecke: “Our history has shown a peaceful transition of  government and I am sure that President Trump will abide by that tradition.”

UR: Anything you would like to add?

Miedecke: “America deserves better than this.”



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