In this very special, “special election,” the stakes are high for both our city as a whole and for District One as it stands poised to claim equal representation among the other districts within Cathedral City.

Passionate rhetoric is not in short supply on politics, economics and on social issues which is why character above all, truly matters.

The position of City Councilmember should never be taken lightly as it stands to be perhaps the most demanding job in the city. It takes temperament, keen insight, experience from both government and the private sector and it takes compassion.

The position of City Councilmember demands much from any individual, but most of all it requires the ability to listen, to consider and weigh out ideas, facts and opinions from all who have something to share, something to ask and sometimes something to demand.

It requires far more than simply hearing what people have to say in public, it absolutely demands really listening to what people have to say, even when you might disagree. It also requires the ability to work with others from all walks  of life and all backgrounds. It requires most of all having the ability to build consensus, to foster prosperity and to inspire.

I believe Shelley Kaplan to be that very individual who is the right choice at this very special time in our city. Leadership, experience and compassion. He’s the one to help move our city forward.


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  • Shelley Kaplan: Cindy Uken