PALM SPRINGS — In an interview with Mayor Geoff Kors, published on March 25, Kors said of the coronavirus pandemic, “I believe we will get through this because we’re going to get through this together.” We believed him then; we believe him now.

He spoke with a calm, measured confidence that left us with the feeling that everything really will be OK.  As unemployment claims soar, the number of COVID-19 cases and deaths climbs, and residents are told to stay home, we cling to his words. He did not need a three-hour news conference to convey his empathy or compassion for the community. He took 10 minutes. He spoke of current challenges and hope for the future.

We, too, have great hope for the future. We see the random acts of kindness throughout Coachella Valley. We see neighbors reaching out to help others. We thrive on telling those stories. We live to write and report varied news stories and share them with our loyal — and growing — readership.

Since its inception in autumn 2017, Uken Report has never charged for its content. We have relied on the generosity and kindness of those who believe in us to help us.

A Palm Desert resident made an unsolicited donation in March. We reached out to thank him and he replied, saying, “I believe in local journalism and too many people think they are entitled to it for free!”

We have also been growing our advertising base, but COVID-19 put in a crimp in pending contracts.

We are an independent news and information digital media platform. We are not beholden to corporate greed or corporate stockholders.

We are passionate and compassionate.

If you can see your way to make a donation, we would be most grateful. We were advised by a very wise man that there is no shame in asking for help. Please consider a donation today by clicking on the donation button.

We Will Get Through This Together

We will get through this together.












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