You had a dream. You wanted to start your own business. You are living the dream and then the Coronavirus hits. Now the business you busted your backside to build is on life support.

Loyal customers are locked down and are practicing social distancing. The practice may just be working. Disease spread looks like it may be slowing and the curve is flattening. At least in many regions across the country it is. No customers at your office, deli, restaurant, shoe repair, tourist business, dry cleaners, construction site, or whatever your passion was before the pandemic wiped you out.

The president spoke of getting the economy going and took major hits for even discussing it. Health care professionals advise against it and the national media agreed with the researchers. Still, we hear talk of a task force to get the economy going.

In the meantime you are making no sales or, if you are, they are a fraction of what they were. Now your forced to let go your terrific team members. You rationalize those employees may be better off receiving basic unemployment benefits. Was your decision to let go long-standing employees any easier knowing that the feds will send them an additional $ 600 per week — above the normal weekly unemployment check? Nope!

Some people who have never created a job, had the skill to take a dream and turn it into the reality of a small business can’t relate to you. They have never had “a real job.” They never had to look across a table and let someone go who was doing a great job. These same business critics that never created a job or made a single payroll have never had to mortgage their home like you did to make a payroll for employees.

Those that haven’t had to do this don’t understand that job creators care deeply for their team members and families. These fantastic employees make your business model thrive and you are devastated you are letting them go.

Anyone who reads, texts, listens  tweets, or is aware of what the pandemic is doing to our friends and jobs realizes people are dying and our economy has one foot on a banana peal and the other fort in the grave.

Still, the $2.2 trillion package the Congress passed can’t help everyone. To Bank of America’s credit, they are trying to help out a record number of small business owners with the federal cash infusions. Even our independent contractors like sports reporters may qualify for a Small Business Administration package. Don’t hesitate to get help. You have earned it.

We realize that what you built may have to close forever. That dream may have been turned off and shut down by health officials or a governor. This was not your fault. You did nothing wrong. Government probably won’t give you a doo over. Yes, they will have a program, a loan, a grant, but most of these well-meaning policies and programs won’t help every business owner.

As a successful job creator and business owner you paid high taxes, health care, worker’s compensation rates, lots of fees, and made payroll. You did something only a few can do. You took a dream and turned it into a business. The small businesses owner is responsible for almost half of the jobs in this great nation.

You will be back! We know it was your dream, skill, hard work, and ability that built that business, not the government. Government must get out of your way when you make your comeback. Use every incentive or program you can find. Rebuild and reopen that shop in cites, counties. or states that welcome small businesses. Those places exist.

This is a great country. You can and will get past this pandemic. Using the same skills you had or acquired, pull yourself back up . You want your workforce back. You want your team back . One other thing: Insist that governments help you by cutting red tape , getting out of your way, and being small-business friendly. We are in this together and want to rebuild our economy.


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