Indio Senior Center’s Weekend Meal Program Nourishes Seniors in Need

Weekend Meal Program Nourishes Seniors

Senior Weekend Dinner Meal Program

INDIO – The Indio Senior Center’s Weekend Meal Program continues to make a significant impact on the lives of adults aged 62 and older who are facing challenging social and economic circumstances.

Paid for through the Community Development Block Grant, this program provides essential nutritional resources by offering three delicious meals that can be enjoyed over the weekend.

Since its successful launch in April, the program has been a lifeline for seniors in need, distributing three nourishing meals every Friday afternoon. As the Senior Center approaches the end of the program, it wants to inform the community that the last day of distribution will be Friday, June 30th.

To participate in the program, individuals are required to complete a simple application form and visit the Indio Senior Center, 45700 Aladdin Street, Friday mornings to sign up for that day’s meal distribution. It’s a straightforward process that ensures seniors receive the support they need.

With only two weeks remaining, everyone is encouraged to take advantage of this incredible opportunity. The meal distributions begin promptly at 1 p.m. in the Community Room. A designated table is available for participants to sign in and receive their three free meals.

As the program’s conclusion approaches, seniors welcome to join in for these final distributions. Let’s come together to celebrate the success of the Indio Senior Center’s Weekend Meal Program and express heartfelt gratitude to the dedicated staff and the Community Development Block Grant for making a difference in the lives of our cherished seniors.

For more information, please contact: Shelley Soliz at or 760.541.4430.

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