Do not forget to add the National Guard Museum & Education Center to your itinerary [Opinion]

No matter what office I have been privileged to hold, friends and colleagues have always asked me to help them secure visits to the White House, Arlington National Cemetery, Tomb of the Unknown Solider guard quarters, Supreme Court or lesser-known places of interest.

Naturally the Smithsonian, The Marines Silent Drill Team at 8th & I, the Pentagon, the Navy Yard’s Naval History Museum are all popular. Even Lincoln’s summer residence in DC is a hit.

As a member of the National Guard Association of the United States, I am very pleased to encourage you to visit our National Guard Museum & Education Center at One Massachusetts Avenue.

You can walk to the museum and library which is a brisk walk to the U.S. Capitol or the White House and enjoy see other sites along the way.

This facility is the headquarters for the National Guard Association of the United States. Its members serve in all 50 states and four U S Territories. These are the men and women that lead America’s National Guard in response to a national disaster and comprise a major portion of our global defense force.

Entering the museum, you will be impressed with its bronze statue of the symbol of the National Guard. This beautiful bronze statue takes our visitors back to the very beginnings of our nation’s efforts for independence.

Busts of each of the Presidents who served in the National Guard adorn the room and remind us of a time when many of our Presidents served in the National Guard before becoming President.

The museum and education center are loaded with important artifacts and displays depicting the service of Guard members in natural disasters and in time of war.

Members of the National Guard Association of the United States welcome your visit. Admission is free and group tours are also welcome. So, when visiting our nation’s Capital please take time to visit this amazing place that preserves and presents the history of the National Guard and its soldiers and airman.

The National Guard motto of “Always Ready Always There” comes to life in this beautiful place. You will be glad you added it to your itinerary.

For more information, please contact The National Guard Association of the United States at 202-789-0031.

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