With Joe Biden, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, selecting California’s junior Sen. Kamala Harris as his running mate, the speculation about who Gov. Newsom will appoint to replace her is already running wild!

Of course this depends on the Biden ticket winning in November. Pollsters don’t give President Trump a chance in 2020. The same pollsters didn’t give him a chance in 2016 either. Don’t count him out as Trump shocked the pollsters in 2016 and stunned America’s political commentators by defeating Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Back to the Harris replacements. We can eliminate any person that’s a Republican. Former Gov. Pete Wilson appointed former Anaheim Mayor John Seymour to a Senate seat vacancy. Seymour got smoked in the General Election . Lesson learned: Appoint someone who has demonstrated they can raise money and can run a good race.

Many Californians feel the state is long overdue for a Latino in the Senate. Xavier Becerra, the state’s Attorney General, has to be near the top of any list. A long shot for the appointment would be Dr. Raul Ruiz, a member of Congress, who has said he has Senate aspirations . Former Labor Secretary Hilda Solis could be in the running as well. She also served in Congress and is a Los Angeles County Supervisor. Former Assembly Majority Leader V. Manuel Perez, the current Chairman of the Riverside County Board of Supervisors could be on a short list. He took a seat that no democrat had held and  set a fund raising record for a  Board of Supervisors seat. But what about a Democrat that lost handily in the primaries to longtime moderate Sen. Diane Feinstein?

Would he be appointed by Gov. Newsom? Not sure if he would be the pick but he has run a statewide race and did build solid name ID, so add Kevin de León to the Governor’s short list. One thing is for certain: The state is solidly in the hands of Democrats and no Republican would have a shot at beating any Newsom appointee. The so-called “Jungle Primary“ in California assures this as does the Democrats’ s massive voter registration advantage.

Special interest groups, advisors, friends of the Governor, members of the Legislature past and present, even Harris herself could have a favorite candidate for the appointment. The appointee may serve a short term if he or she gets a primary.

Newsom is a shrewd politician. Few in office in California are a match for the Governor’s political skill  or tactical  ability. Most who see him on a televised press conference or national television know this Governor is well-spoken, doesn’t need a teleprompter, or even notes.

Most Liberals consider him presidential timber as do your leading political commentators. He will have a short list. He’ll make sure the person he would appoint will support the Governor for president should Biden fail to win in 2020 and Donald Trump be elected to a second term.

But as folks say, Joe Biden isn’t a shoo-in. Harris does give the ticket a boost in some circles. Biden wins California with or without her. The statements Harris made in the debates about Joe Biden will make great hit pieces for Political Action Committees,  Independent Expenditures,  and the Trump Campaign.

If Republicans turn out in force for Trump, if he captures the Independent voters, and if he gets some Democratic votes ,he can still win the Electoral College and secure a second and final term. If that happens, then Harris continues to serve as California’s junior Senator and Newsom makes no appointment.

Stay tuned as the race for President heats up and as many  believe this is the most important presidential election in history!

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