Alan ‘Alfie’ Pettit is seeking to represent Division 5 on the MSWD board of directors

Alan “Alfie” Pettit is seeking to represent Division 5 on the Mission Springs Water District Board of Directors. It is the seat Steve Grasha currently holds. He is not seeking reelection.

For more than 65 years, MSWD has been managing groundwater through conservation, groundwater protection projects, and general stewardship of its multi-award-winning water resource.

Today, the District includes more than 1.25 million feet of pipelines, 13 water wells, and 24 reservoirs, serving over 40,000 people in an area of about 135 square miles.

Pettit is one of three people seeking the Division 5 seat.  The others are Andrew V. Alder-Larue and Ted Mayrhofen. Uken Report (UR) distributed identical questionnaires to all three candidates. Only Pettit and Alder-Larue responded.

Following are Pettit’s responses:

UR: Who or what motivated you to run for the MSWD Board of Directors?

Alan “Alfie” Pettit: My longstanding in the community has made me aware of the need for better representation on the Mission Springs Water District Board. I know that I can be of great service to provide much needed compassion to the concerns and needs of the water customers.

UR: If elected, what knowledge, experience and/or expertise would you bring to the role?

Alan “Alfie” Pettit: I feel I am a critical thinker for one. Being able to look at any given situation with the facts I am able to make right decisions especially when it comes to our residents.  Also having been president of my homeowner’s association in West Hollywood in 95, I understand how a Board functions. Due to the Northridge earthquake, I was able to secure a $1 million settlement when the insurance company that had originally turned them down and the current board had given up. My persistence has always been an asset.

UR: What makes you a better fit than your opponent for the position?

Alan “Alfie” Pettit: No response

UR: Is the MSWD doing enough in the area of conservation? Why or why not? If not, what do you believe should be done?

Alan “Alfie” Pettit: I think the public needs more of the educational information. Then they will have a better understanding of why conservation is so important and take pride in doing so.

UR: What is your No.1 priority if elected and how will you achieve it knowing you’re only one vote on the board?

Alan “Alfie” Pettit: Here again, persistence will play a major role in achieving goals which is to serve the people in their best interest.

UR: Do you believe MSWD should consolidate with DWA? Why or why not?

Alan “Alfie” Pettit: Yes, it should be looked at in the long run. The public can benefit from this move with consolidation of costs. There are great challenges ahead of us when it comes to our water. we have to be willing to look at all options and not just our own interests as a person serving on the board. Those challenges have to be addressed head-on and I am the one to get the job done.


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