Consolidation is a process where two public water systems form a combined public water system. Consolidation will have huge financial benefits for customers of both Mission Springs Water District and Desert Water Agency ratepayers.

History proves this true as consolidation is how both agencies came to be. Multiple small water systems from the North and the South combined over a period 70 years have brought this opportunity for leaders from both agencies to shake hands where the systems meet in the street.

The two districts both formed for the benefit of water users in Desert Hot Springs including a vast expanse of 130 square miles with both agencies representing all water users within the same boundaries since 1964.

The current model is unsustainable and has created a huge overlap causing duplication of services including outrages and unnecessary operating expenses costing MSWD ratepayers many millions in recent years.

This model is forcing extreme hardships and financial burdens on MSWD ratepayers funding an out of control predatory management style including bogus lawsuits and unexplained consulting agreements costing MILLIONS every year yielding ZERO benefit to ratepayers of our tiny MSWD and has proven only to make millionaires out of these special interests, including lawyers, lobbyists and fat-cat managers that have ZERO interest in the customers of Mission Springs Water District.

A consolidated water system will share costs such as billing, management, and operational personnel, including the cost of exploring new agreements for high-quality water sources allowing us to explore the possibility of making the final connection to the Delta Water Project, a plan that has been promised, yet on hold for 50 years.

Another benefit to ratepayers will be the ability to purchase money-saving equipment that neither system could afford to purchase alone enabling us to spread costs over the larger newly joined customer base.

Consolidation would immediately save MSWD ratepayers as much as 35 Million Dollars for a new and unneeded Administration Center and Corporate Maintenance Yard Complex currently in the final stages of the approval process by the MSWD Board.

Quickly creating the Desert Groundwater Management Oversight Committee sponsored by Desert Water as the lead agency with the appointment of water managers from the entire district. From there we might commission a consolidation study under the auspices of this new team of representatives from both agencies participating in a joint effort to reduce costs of water and sewer service within the boundaries of our combined operational service area.

In advance of consolidation this new committee, if formed quickly, might explore the opportunity of Desert Water Agency to temporally expand its Board from five members to seven allowing DWA to quickly appoint two new Directors from MSWD’s service area to allow the five existing DWA Directors to remain without challenge from MSWD service area caused under the current election by division plan recently put in effect.

This would give MSWD and DWA the opportunity to place much of the ugliness of the recent past in the history books opening a new chapter of spirit, cooperation and stewardship benefiting the full universe of citizens, water users, and ratepayers of our collective service area.

It is my hope that the Desert Water Agency will see the benefit of such an arrangement and agree to open talks on this vitally important subject.


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