Throughout the past several months as our students have first worked in a virtual classroom, then enjoyed summer vacation, and are returning to a new way of learning, Desert Sands Unified School District has been introducing our schools to the community. We first featured our high schools and followed with our middle schools. We are now providing an opportunity for readers to learn more about the elementary schools in Desert Sands. As a district of choice school descriptions are provided for families wanting to know more about individual schools. Two schools are being featured each week.

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Hornets “Buzz” at Herbert Hoover Elementary School

By Principal Karen Schibler, Ed.D.

Introducing: Horizon, Herbert Hoover Elementary

Herbert Hoover Elementary SchoolHerbert Hoover Elementary School

The Hoover “Hornets” show so much spirit and pride on a daily basis that it is a pleasure to attend this beautiful remodeled, uniform school. As a Title I school, we offer funding for wonderful activities and continue to add to our programs with organized sports at recess and lunch and a “Second Step” curriculum delivered by a full time counselor and prep teacher that focuses on anti-bullying and social emotional learning. There is a heavy focus on early literacy, the writing process, and mathematics.

Introducing: Horizon, Herbert Hoover Elementary

Dr. Karen Schibler, principal, and a busy bee

We offer a full day TK (transitional kindergarten) and kinder program and all students use 1:1 computer devices for instruction with either a tablet or Chromebook. Online programs such as ST math and Lexia are available at home and school.

We want to give a special welcome to our families who are brand new to Hoover, and as always, thank our returning parents for all of their support and dedication. This coming school year we will continue to offer our “HOOP” (Hoover’s Organized Outreach for Parents) center with classes offered in ESL, nutrition, health, and parent education. Exciting new additions this year will be our Makerspace STEAM Lab. We will continue with our popular Family Math Night, Science Night, Math Field Day, VAPA, the father/daughter dance, after school enrichment, tutoring, and Saturday academies.  Hoover’s focus remains on intentional lesson design, student engagement strategies, and developing innovative practices that create successful students. The Future is Here!


Independent Study – The Early Years

By Principal Oron Jackson

Horizon School’s mission statement is to utilize relevant and emerging technologies that provide a rigorous and dynamic learning experience to promote autonomy, collaboration, listening and speaking skills, within a virtual arena where instructors can teach the way students learn. Our unique pedagogical approach has become home to a variety of families seeking the autonomy to pursue a number of opportunities not afforded by the traditional school environments. Horizon’s focus is on the whole child from elementary school through high school.

Using lesson plans that enable students to learn at their own speed, Horizon School involves parents in the education process. A team of highly trained teachers and other educational professionals interact with the students as frequently as required and requested.

We understand that students need to belong, feel loved, build self-esteem, and self-actualize before they can truly thrive academically. Horizon School offers a unique opportunity for students to self-pace learn with involvement and support from parents.

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