Although Horizon School is housed on the same campus, at the opposite end of Summit High School, the two schools are fundamentally different.

Horizon School provides a home to nearly 240 students ranging from kindergarten to 12th  grade. Horizon’s largest program services high school students. This unique program addresses a variety of needs. Some of our students are actors, professional athletes, have social phobias, attend for religious purposes, etc.

Students participate in A-G courses where, upon completion, they may choose to attend a university. These students are eligible to receive acceptance to the likes of San Diego State, Long Beach State, University of Redlands, etc.  In addition to the rigorous A-G courses, Horizon offers Advanced Placement courses that are also available at our comprehensive sites.

To support these efforts, our district office provides Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) testing opportunities for free beginning in March 2019. Horizon students who aspire to have a university experience may take advantage of the above. Via College Night and consistent school-to-home communication, we will be championing this rare opportunity.

Horizon added to the pedagogical experience by adding laboratory settings for both English Language arts and math. Students are required to attend each week and receive direct instruction to solidify their acquaintance with and understanding of our California State Standards. To further support the laboratories, the school offers tutoring in both math and English Language arts at least several times each week.

These efforts have paid dividends for the entire campus. State test scores and PSAT test scores have skyrocketed in both areas over the last two years. Our goal is to take these wonderful experiences and increase the rate of students moving on to universities around the country.

Horizon also offers a kindergarten through eighth grade “home school” program. This program serves as a valuable pipeline for our 9-12 independent studies offerings. These teachers facilitate the educational journey for parents who aspire to have a unique stake in their children’s educational experience. The level of customer service provided by this school-within-a-school is unparalleled. Home school teachers intimately collaborate with each other and in concert with our families.

The combination of the above two programs may be the best kept secret in our entire school district.

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