Riverside County Animal Services discover hens and goats deprived of food and water

Riverside County Animal Services responded to a call from the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department to a property in the Thermal area. Deputies served a search warrant on Thursday at a property where criminal activity was suspected. The sheriff’s department contacted Animal Services because the property also included roughly three dozen hens and two goats who were deprived of food and water.

Animal control officers posted a 24-hour notice of violation at the property – located near Fillmore Street and 52nd Avenue – because the animals did not have any food or water.

Lt. Luis Rosa and officer Jesus Cisneros returned today to impound the birds and goats – but the goats were removed. The hens – 35 in all – were transported to the Western Riverside County/City Animal Shelter in Jurupa Valley to receive proper food and care. They are not cockfighting roosters, as per the usual birds impounded by Animal Services. These are the egg-laying variety and can soon be adopted.

“We usually find cockfighting roosters at places where the sheriff’s department is investigating illegal activities,” Lt. Rosa said in a prepared statement. “And, unfortunately, we have to euthanize those types of birds because cockfighting is illegal and barbaric. So, this was more uplifting that we get to see these birds get healthy and fattened up and they can once again serve a purpose for our residents who enjoy raising hens for eggs.”


Image Sources

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