Larger-than-Normal Pay Increase Comes After Years of Forgoing One

CATHEDRAL CITY — Charlie McClendon, who was named city manager in March 2014, is getting a pay increase from his boss, the City Council.

He will receive an $8,048. pay increase resulting in an annual base salary of $280,000, according to Human Resources Manager Eugenia Torres. The City Council will finalize the raise when it meets today.

The pay increase follows McClendon’s confidential performance evaluation on Feb. 28.

Cathedral City Manager to Receive Pay Increase

Mayor Mark Carnevale

Mayor Mark Carnevale praised McClendon’s “outstanding dedication.”

“His commitment to our community has been truly remarkable, and I believe it is important to acknowledge and celebrate his works,” Carnevale told Uken Report. “Over the past ten years I have witnessed firsthand the positive impact of his leadership on our city. Charlie’s strategic vision, ideas, and tireless efforts have helped move forward Cathedral City, making it a better place to live, work, and play.

“Charlie’s ability to navigate challenges with integrity, transparency, and compassion has been top notch,” Carnevale added. “Whether it’s improving infrastructure, public services, or economic development, his commitment to serving the best interests of our community has been evident in every decision he has made.

“Beyond his professional accomplishments, as Mayor I am grateful for the personal touch he has brought ((to the) role as City Manager. The genuine concern for the well-being of Cathedral City residents have not gone unnoticed. Whether he is attending neighborhood meetings, participating in community events, or putting up with five different council members and staff, he has have consistently demonstrated commitment to serving as a responsible leader.”

Cathedral City should be grateful for his dedication, leadership, and service, Carnevale said.

Cathedral City Manager to Receive Pay Increase

Mayor Pro Tem Nancy Ross

“Charlie McClendon …. has led our city from the forefront for several years” Mayor Pro Tem Nancy Ross told Uken Report. He has forgone pay increases in times of financial hardship, placing the very city he calls his own, ahead of his own personal economic benefit. Our City Council, therefore, unanimously voted to give him a slightly larger than usual raise to honor him for those years he had sacrificed his own benefit for ours and more importantly because he deserves it.”

During his tenure, the entire downtown has been revitalized. The community, population about 55,000, is teeming with new facilities that total north of $13 million.

Consider that the revitalization of Downtown Cathedral City includes:

  • A new $8.2 million Fire Department
  • A new $3.7 million amphitheater
  • A new $2.7 million Coachella Valley Repertory Theatre
  • A new multi-million-dollar casino (price NA)
  • More is on the way

Before coming to Cathedral City, he was city manager of Avondale, Ariz., for more than 10 years. He was assistant city manager in Avondale for two years prior to being appointed as city manager.

McClendon holds a master’s degree in public administration from the University of Tennessee and a bachelor’s degree in political science from Ottawa University.


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