Cathedral City Peace Initiative Demonstrates for Peace

Everyone wants to live in a peaceful world, but most people remain baffled about what they can do to create their dream.  Last year the people of the Cathedral City Peace Initiative stepped up to this challenge by doing the work to have the city designated as one of 400 international cities of peace.

This year they’re doing even more by celebrating the United Nations International Peace Day.

Their event is scheduled for Thursday, September 21, from 4 to 6 p.m. at the Cathedral City senior Center, 37-171 West Buddy Rogers Avenue, Cathedral City.  The event will feature a program focusing on the reality that people could create peace by using the rule of law and due process to assure peace in all communities and the world. At the same time, participants will enjoy a peace-themed art show sponsored by local artist Karen Riley and her S.C.R.A.P. Gallery, an organization that works with students to create environmental art.

The Cathedral City Peace Initiative envisions a world where all conflict is resolved through the rule of law and due process.  Our work focuses on creating a culture of peace.  We seek inner peace for individuals, peace on the streets of Cathedral City for our residents and their guests, and world peace for everyone.

They demonstrate for peace, represent their ideas at community events, sponsor a weekly peace meditation (4 p.m. every Wednesday at the Cathedral City Senior Center, 373-171 Buddy Rogers Ave., Cathedral City), offer speakers for civic organizations, and host community events.

In the coming weeks, they will have a website. For more information, call 760-567-6464 or email

Photo caption above: Cathedral City Peace Initiative founders include (from left) Karen Riley, Bob McKechnie, and Sue Townsley.  The group promotes inner peace, peace on the streets of Cathedral City and world peace.

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