RIVERSIDE – Effective immediately, Combat Wounded Veterans will have a reserved parking space to park while doing business with the County of Riverside. The Riverside County Administrative Center, located at 4080 Lemon Street, in the City of Riverside, is the latest location to add the designated parking.

Fourth District Supervisor V. Manuel Perez and his colleagues on the Board of Supervisors voted to designate parking spaces for Combat Wounded Veterans at county facilities.

Reserved Parking signs were provided free of charge by Wounded Warriors Family Support. Col. John Folsom, founder of the organization said his organization provides the signs free of charge as a way of honoring these special veterans. The organization has provided more than 2,000 signs to businesses, government facilities, churches, schools, colleges, and medical facilities.

A pair of Riverside County Supervisors on Tuesday, Sept. 11, 2018 asked that reserved parking spaces be designated at County facilities for combat wounded soldiers.

It was no coincidence the request fell on Sept. 11, the day 17 years ago the United States was the target of four coordinated terrorist attacks by the Islamic terrorist group al-Qaeda. The United States responded by launching the War on Terror and invaded Afghanistan to overthrow the Taliban. It rages today leaving combat wounded veterans in its wake.

Perez and First District Supervisor Kevin Jeffries asked that a parking space be designated at the Riverside County Administrative Center, on or before Veterans Day 2018, directly adjacent to an existing Disabled Parking stall, for the nation’s military personnel and/or veterans who have received the Purple Heart Medal of the United States of America.

Combat Wounded Vets Receive Designated Parking

Supervisor V. Manuel Perez

“We owe our veterans and especially our combat wounded a great debt for their service and sacrifice,” Perez told Uken Report at the time. “This is one gesture that honors them with special parking at our facilities.”

This is one more block in the growing pyramid of programs and efforts Perez has helped make available to veterans, to help make their lives better and thank them for their service.

Perez and Jeffries are also asking that Supervisors receive a list of County-owned or leased facilities that the leadership team believes should have a Combat Wounded Reserved Parking Space designated. The duo is proposing that at least one parking space be designated at each appropriate county facility no later than Veterans Day 2019.

Perez and Jeffries are encouraging communities across Riverside County to voluntarily honor the nation’s Combat Wounded using this or similar programs.

“We already have handicapped spaces close to the Administrative Center,” said Jeff Greene, chief of staff for Jeffries. “This is an opportunity to honor those who literally sacrificed so much for our country. We are happy Supervisor Perez asked us to be part of this.”

The Department of Defense, U.S.Veterans Administration, and Military Service Organizations estimate that 1.8 million combat wounded United States military personnel have received the Purple Heart Medal for wounds sustained in combat action.

“Establishing reserved parking spaces at designated County facilities is another way we can honor those America’s who have received this prestigious award,” Perez has said. “The intent of this program is to recognize the sacrifice and salute service members who have earned the Purple Heart Medal in connection with their service in the Armed Forces of the Unites States of America.”

Most states and four U.S. territories issue distinctive license plates that identify the recipients of the Purple Heart Medal. This award is also identified on the service members DD 214 or NGB Form 22.


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