PALM SPRINGS – Four-year City Council incumbent Geoff Kors is taking an intimate approach with potential voters in what he is billing as “A Conversation with Geoff.”

He takes nothing for granted.

With 7,317 votes, Kors was the top vote-getter in a six-person race when he first ran for – and was elected to — the Palm Springs City Council in November 2015.

Today, as he prepares to seek a second term in newly drawn districts, Kors is refusing to rest on his laurels. He is seeking the single seat to represent District 3. As of June 11, there are 4,940 registered voters in District  3, according to City Clerk Anthony Mejia.

Kors announced his reelection bid on Jan. 28 and wasted little time before rolling out a methodical plan to connect with — and listen to — residents and business owners. He has promoted most of them as a “Conversation with Geoff.” He is giving residents a chance to tell him how they think the city should move forward.

Kors is all ears.

He held the kickoff in Las Palmas neighborhood on March 30th and hasn’t stopped since. Instead of slowing down in the triple digit heat, he’s ramping up.

To date, Kors has had 11 conversations, town halls, and forums, that attracted more than 500 residents and business owners. Each lasts at least 90 minutes.

“In each of these conversations different issues and ideas have been raised and discussed,” Kors told Uken Report. “I truly appreciate all the input and passion our residents and business owners have for Palm Springs.”

Here is a snapshot of his efforts to date:

  • Town Hall at Mizell Senior Center in Sunrise Park neighborhood on April 20th
  • Conversation with Geoff in Vista Las Palmas neighborhood on May 19th
  • Conversation with Geoff in Midtown neighborhood on May 30th
  • Conversation with Geoff in Sunmor Neighborhood on May 30th
  • Business Forum at Hilton Palm Springs on June 3rd
  • Conversation with Geoff in Movie Colony East on June 4th
  • Conversation with Geoff at Harcourts Real Estate in Downtown Palm Springs
  • Conversation with Geoff in Baristo Neighborhood on June 6
  • Conversation with Geoff in El Mirador neighborhood on June 12
  • Conversation with Geoff in Sunrise Park neighborhood on June 17

On Tuesday night, June 18, with sizzling temperatures, 45 people gathered on the patio at Birba to talk with Kors.

A District 3 gathering in Las Palmas is scheduled for July 8.

Two people, Alfie Pettit and Michael J. Dilger, have each filed a Candidate Intention Statement to challenge Kors.


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