Council Approves Holiday Dog Costume Event to be held in Conjunction with Snow-Fest

CATHEDRALL CITY — This community loves to dress up its dogs it seems. For the first time, a Halloween Dog Costume Event is planned at Panorama Dog Park on Saturday, Oct. 28 complete with prizes — HOWL-O-WEEN. Next comes a Holiday Dog Costume contest.

The City Council on Wednesday approved $100 from the Parks and Recreation Commission’s (PACE) FY 2023-2024 Events Budget to support the 2023 Snow-Fest Holiday Dog Costume Event.

PACE proposed adding this new event to engage the community in conjunction with a bigger city event, the city’s Townsquare North Pole Village Snow-Fest Event. This event is the 2023 Snow-Fest Holiday Dog Costume Event. The event will be added to the lineup of activities planned on the day the Snow-Fest Tree Lighting Ceremony takes place. This event will add to bringing community members, especially dog aficionados, together for a fun gathering.

The event is being presented to encourage dog owners to dress up their canines in festive holiday costumes, bring the dog(s) to the event and have their dog(s) participate in a costume contest if so inclined, according to John Corella, Director of Engineering/Public Works.

At the Oct. 3 PACE meeting, consideration for the event was presented and submitted by PACE Vice-Chair Antonio Baciu. This event will be held on Dec. 9. The exact time of the event has not been determined but will take place for one hour between 1 p.m. and 8 p.m. within the Townsquare North Pole Village setting.

The showcase of the event will be the costume contest for those who want to participate with prizes awarded for first, second and third place in the big dog, small dog and most original category, respectively. PACE committed to securing sponsors for each prize.

The event is free for all who want to come and participate, and having a dog is not required.

The requested Snow-Fest Holiday Dog Costume Event funding of $100 will be paid for from the remaining available $6,750 PACE Events budget.


Image Sources

  • Dog in snow: Pexels