A block of Cathedral City residents re hoping to host a Dia de los Muertos Block Party

CATHEDRAAL CITY —  A block of residents in this community want to hold Dia de los Muertos Block Party on
Chuperosa Lane, but they need a special use permit to do it.

Agnes Pelton Society and S.C.R.A.P. Gallery to host a block party on Chuperosa Lane between D and F Streets on Tuesday, Nov. 2, from 10:45 a.m. to 11:30 a.m., and they need a special use permit to hold it,

It’s not what you would consider a typical block part. It’s described as a morning “photo op” and “PR event.”  Thirty to 40 attendees are expected.

The block party will consist of unveiling a S.C.R.A.P. Gallery mural and “Los Mayores de Cathedral City” – the Elders of Cathedral City Cove mural commissioned by the Agnes Pelton Society.

The block party will consist of neighbors coming to view the murals, listening to recorded music and watching three Mexican Ballet Folklorico dancers.

Organizers have stated that this is not a public event. Public works will need to set-up road closure signs to block the Chuperosa Lane (alley) from D Street to F Street for the duration of the event.

Agnes Pelton Society will provide a certificate of insurance naming the City as an additional insured.

The organizers are paying the $100 Block Party fee.

Staff recommends approving the Special Use Permit.


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