If you’re considering running for public office, now is your chance

CATHEDRAL CITY — It’s that time of year when any eligible resident with a yearning to serve in public office can make a run for it.

The nomination period for the upcoming Nov.8 election will be July 18 through Aug. 12. This Election will be for the following seats:

City Treasurer – At Large
District 3 – Council Seat
District 4 – Council Seat
District 5 – Council Seat

Three Candidates Qualify for Cathedral City Ballot

Do you want a seat at this dais?

Councilmember Mark Carnevale currently represents District 3, Mayor Ernesto Guiterrez currently represents District 4 and Raymond Gregory represents District 5. All three have told Uken Report that they will seek re-election. 

The only person to publicly state his intention to run in the upcoming election s Rick Saldivar. He has mounted a challenge to unseat Gutierrez.

The city treasurer has general oversight of a city’s financial affairs. City treasurers often advise the City Manager’s Office and City Council for questions regarding a city’s revenue, spending, and overall municipal funds. The current city treasurer is Henry Chan.

Appointments are recommended to pull papers beginning July 18, 2022.  Please contact Tracey Hermosillo, City Clerk, at thermosillo@cathedralcity.gov or call at 760-770-0322. to schedule an appointment during regular office hours.  No papers can be pulled prior to July 18, 2022.

Further information related to the Nov. 8 election will be provided here on this page as the information becomes available.

If you have questions, please contact the City Clerk’s Office at 760 770-0322 or email thermosillo@cathedralcity.gov.


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