THOUSAND PALMS —  A dog with severe injuries from apparent chemical burns received treatment and care today at the Coachella Valley Animal Campus in Thousand Palms.

The dog, a male Australian shepherd mix, was examined by Supervising Registered Veterinary Technician Lori Stamp-Brown. She sedated the dog and she and her colleagues provided the dog a medicated bath and treated him with pain medications and antibiotics.

A large section of the dog’s back and a portion of its tail was missing its natural coat and reddened by the suspected chemical burns.

“The wounds were consistent with what we have seen with chemical burns,” Stamp-Brown said in a prepared statement. “He was experiencing pain and was very uncomfortable with being touched.”

A Good Samaritan brought the dog to the Coachella Valley Animal Campus after finding it as a stray. It’s uncertain if the injuries were accidental or if someone purposely injured the dog in an act of cruelty.

The dog does not have a microchip.

If anyone has information about the dog, they are urged to call 951-358-7387 or e-mail Animal Services at [email protected].

“We find it very troubling that someone may have willfully hurt this sweet dog in such a brutal manner,” Animal Services Director Julie Bank said. “We welcome any tips from the community and, meanwhile, we will continue to provide the dog with the treatment he deserves.”