COACHELLA — The Fair Political Practices Commission has fined Coachella City Councilmember Josie Gonzalez $130 for failing to include the proper advertisement disclosures on a radio advertisement that she and her candidate-controlled committee purchased prior to the election,

FPPC Fines Josie Gonazalez in Coachella

Josie Gonzalez

Josie Gonzalez was a successful candidate for Coachella City Council in the Nov. 6, 2018 General Election. Josie Gonzalez for Coachella City Council 2018 was her candidate-controlled committee. The FPPC found her in violation of Government Code Section 84502 (1 count).

Josie Gonzalez, a social worker, was sworn into office in December.

She and Megan Beaman-Jacinto, a civil-rights attorney, were the top vote-getters in a field of five candidates, including incumbent council member Steve Brown, who ultimately withdrew from the race Mayor Steven Hernandez ran unopposed.

Gonzalez, who has worked as a staff member for the local Child Protective Services office and has also helped provide legal aid to low-income clients, snagged 2,182  or 27.75% of the vote. She is no stranger to politics. Gonzalez is the sister to former Coachella mayor and current school board member Jesus Gonzalez.

When voters passed the Political Reform Act they simultaneously created the FPPC to administer and enforce the landmark ethics law, as well as inform and assist public officials, employees and candidates to comply with its provisions. Specifically, the Act gives the FPPC authority to adopt, amend and rescind rules and regulations to carry out the purposes of the Act. In addition to interpreting and enforcing the Act, the FPPC focuses on providing current information and useful assistance to encourage compliance.

In addition to Josie Gonzalez, others members of the Coachella City Council are Mayor Steven Hernandez, Mayor Pro Tem Emmanuel Martinez, and City Councilmembers Beaman-Jacinto and Philip “Felipe” Bautista.



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