Up to $100 per unit of the extra money will come from pandemic recovery funds

PALM DESERT — College of the Desert students enrolled in classes for the Spring 2022 semester will receive extra money and be paid up to $100 per unit, thanks to a one-time retention and re-engagement grant from the U.S. Department of Education. The grant is aimed at getting people back to school following difficulties posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Both credit and noncredit courses are eligible, regardless of residency or immigration status.

Students taking up to 18 credit course units would earn $1,800 for the semester, more than double the per-unit cost of $46. For up to 12 units of noncredit courses, students can earn $25 per course for Adult Basic Education and upper-division noncredit classes and $150 per course for English as a Second Language Noncredit.

“This grant allows College of the Desert to make education much more affordable for the Spring term,” College Superintendent/President Martha Garcia, Ed.D., said. “The College is thankful to help our students and potential students who had to forgo their education because of the pandemic, and provide them with funds to pay for books, tuition, living expenses, and other necessities.”

Although no application is required for the grant, students are encouraged to apply for the 2020-21 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or the CA Dream Act Application. Students enrolled in PaCE programs are not eligible for the funds.

“This is a spectacular grant available at a critical time for people who want to pursue higher education. This grant also allows our students to continue their studies, graduate, transfer, or obtain employment. As an institution, we are offering this grant to support our students and our community to help them succeed during this pandemic,” said Oscar Espinoza-Parra, Ph.D., Dean of Enrollment Services.

Registration for the Spring 2022 semester begins on Monday, November 29; grant recipients must be enrolled in classes by March 15, 2022, to qualify. Interested students should contact Enrollment Services at enrollmentservices@collegeofthedesert.edu or (760) 346-8041 for full details on the grant and funding allotments per unit for credit and noncredit courses.



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