COACHELLA —  Steven Hernandez, 37, who works as Chief of Staff to Supervisor V. Manuel Perez, is seeking a fourth term as mayor of this community of 45,000 people.

He has one challenger:  Lesly Figueroa.

Uken Report posed a series of identical questions to both candidates. Following are Figueroa’s responses.

Uken Report (UR): Why specifically do you want to mayor?

Steven Hernandez: Coronavirus has created an uncertain future for many families within the City of Coachella.  Drawing on my practical experience, I believe we are suited to do the job from day one.  Our know how of attracting economic development, jobs, building affordable housing, etc, will help us recover from this pandemic.

UR: What do you consider your greatest accomplishment either in or out of office?

Steven Hernandez: As mayor, we have lead a unified council, and as a council we have agreed on the agenda over 97% of the time. Building consensus has been the greatest accomplishment.

UR: How do you define leader and leadership?

Steven Hernandez: A leader brings out the best in people and cultivates the space to bring out the best in people.  Leadership is providing the vision and bring others along with you.

UR: Do you fit this definition?

Steven Hernandez: We have been a unified council and we are proud to say that everyone has contributed to vision.  The physical implementation of the city council’s consensus is all around in Coachella.

UR: What are your top three goals for Coachella?

Steven Hernandez: Economic development: attract more businesses and employment opportunities and continue to build affordable housing.  Infrastructure: continue to build new bridges, roads, parks, public facilities, and water and sewer infrastructure. public safety: ensure that we have adequate police service as well as prevention, and intervention opportunities.

UR: If you could change one thing about Coachella, what would it be?

Steven Hernandez: Coachella is a beautiful family town. We want to make sure that everyone has the opportunity to thrive no matter their economic status.

UR: Anything you would like to add?

Steven Hernandez: Vision takes time. But it is the practical approaches and implementation of a plan that sets communities apart.  Coachella is on its way to becoming the best city is the Valley for all people no matter their race, income, or creed.

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