LA QUINTA – The City of La Quinta has been awarded a $7.3 million Active Transportation Program (ATP) Grant from the State for the “La Quinta Village Complete Streets – A Road Diet Project.”

The project will include the construction of five new roundabouts in the La Quinta Village where pedestrian, bicycle, golf cart, and automobile traffic exists. These roundabouts will help to accommodate non-vehicular traffic.

The La Quinta Village Complete Streets project is focused on making roadways safer and more accessible to pedestrians, bicycles, and golf carts in the La Quinta Village. The project will reduce traffic lanes from four to two lanes along Calle Tampico, along Calle Sinaloa from Eisenhower to Desert Club Drive, and along Eisenhower from Calle Tampico to Calle Sinaloa. This area will be used as space for designated bike and golf cart lanes.

“The Village Complete Streets Project will create a pedestrian, bicycle, and golf cart friendly destination by instituting a road diet to reduce the number of vehicle lanes in order to provide buffered bicycle and golf cart lanes around the periphery of the La Quinta Village.” said City Engineer Bryan McKinney.  “The project will also improve the flow of traffic and increase vehicle safety by constructing new roundabouts at the major intersections.  The city of La Quinta is committed to provide extensive public outreach during the construction process to get the word out that businesses will remain open during the construction and to provide real time detours, updates and alternate routes to most efficiently reach our Village businesses.  We know there will be impacts during the construction process, but we will do our utmost to minimize the traffic and business impacts and are confident the end result will be a destination to be proud of.”

Roundabouts will be installed at five key intersections, Calle Tampico and Desert Club Drive, Calle Tampico and Avenida Bermudas, Calle Tampico and Eisenhower Drive, Eisenhower Drive and Avenida Montezuma, and Calle Sinaloa/Avenue 52 and Avenida Bermudas, to provide better traffic flows.

The reduced lanes and crosswalks added midblock will provide pedestrians with safer access to Civic Center Park, La Quinta Library, Old Town La Quinta, and the Benjamin Franklin Elementary School. The project also includes landscaping and drainage enhancements. The project improvements were developed through public outreach and input from community meetings related to the Village Specific Plan.

La Quinta Village Roundabout locations and anticipated start/completion dates are as follows:

  • Calle Tampico/Avenida Bermudas (Stage 1: June 2019 – January 2020)
  • Calle Tampico/Desert Club Drive (Stage 1: June 2019 – January 2020)
  • Calle Sinaloa/Avenida Bermudas (Stage 2: January 2020 – May 2020)
  • Calle Tampico/Eisenhower Drive (Stage 3: May 2020- October 2020)
  • Eisenhower/Avenida Montezuma (Stage 3: May 2020- October 2020)

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