SBEMP Attorneys Release California Employers Survival Guide to Help Employers Navigate Complex Employment Law with Expert Insights

Employers-Survival-Guide-cover-thumbnail-California has some of the most complex and confusing employment laws for public and private employers in the country, with employers often faced with surprising obligations and practical challenges.  SBEMP, a leading California law firm, has therefore unveiled The California Employers Survival Guide – 2023 Edition.

The comprehensive Survival Guide is intended to assist employers to better understand and comply with their obligations, avoiding disruptions to their workplace and costly lawsuits, where demands by employees and their attorneys can create “bet the company” exposures that may not always be covered, or fully covered, by insurance.

“Employers are faced with ever-changing and confusing obligations, where small, medium, and large companies face risks in every industry,” said Robert Cutbirth, one of the labor and employment law specialists at SBEMP, and Editor of The California Employers Survival Guide – 2023 Edition.

Cutbirth added, “SBEMP attorneys are dedicated to helping employers with practical and cost-effective advice so they can better navigate our legal landscape. The Guide is intended to be a resource for employers in identifying potential areas of concern, and seeking help, before making decisions or taking actions that can cause them harm.” As an owner of three restaurants, Cutbirth knows the value of cost-effective and practical guidance, with each SBEMP attorney carrying with them the same desire to ensure that each of the firm’s clients considers them to be their trusted advisors for their employment, business, and litigation needs.

The Guide, while not a replacement for legal guidance on particular matters, offers important insight into wage and hour compliance obligations, management of workplace absences and disability accommodations, and pitfalls in hiring and privacy considerations, that everyone in an organization can quickly review.

“One of the other reasons we published the Survival Guide is to help employers based in other states,” said John Pinkney, SBEMP’s Managing Partner, “because policies and procedures lawful in other states may not be legal or appropriate here.  We think everyone can benefit from this document, and we are proud to share it with our clients and hopefully our potential clients.”

The California Employers Survival Guide is now available to California employers on a complimentary basis. For more information and to order your copy, visit

SBEMP’S Labor and Employment Law Department is comprised of attorneys with decades of experience handling day-to-day personnel issues, from drafting practical and legally compliant policies to assisting with challenging hiring, discipline, accommodation, or termination situations, to defending the interest of clients who unfortunately get named in claims involving the Labor Commissioner, CalOSHA, California Civil Rights Commission/ EEOC and civil lawsuits.



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