PALM SPRINGS — At least six months before voters in this community cast ballots in the newly drawn districts 1,2, and 3, one resident has come out of the political chute at breakneck speed. You will come to know it as the Peter J. Maietta campaign.

Peter J. Maietta, 51, an interior designer, is one of three people to date who have filed a Candidate Intention Statement to seek the seat in District 3.

The others so far are Adrian M. Alcantar, 36, owner of Adrian Alcantar Hair Studio & Spa, and Carlton (Carl) A. Baker, 57, director of Legal & Legislative Affairs for Desert AIDS Project.

In a high-profile move that has captured some residents’ attention, the Maietta Campaign has started to put up life-size posters in some local bus stops. The Palm Springs City Election is Tuesday, Nov. 5.

Residents across the Coachella Valley, from Indio to Cathedral City, have started to announce their intentions early, but the Maietta Campaign might be the first to start peppering the city with banners. Uken Report decided to ask him why he has begun so early.

Uken Report (UR): Why are you starting so early?

Maietta Campaign: The 2019 election marks Palm Springs’ first district elections. There are so many races happening at once, we need to put more thought and time into voter education and outreach than in the past. Many people don’t know what district they live in or which candidates they can vote for yet. We want to ensure we have the time to do as much outreach as possible, in as many ways as possible.

UR: Do you worry about burning out before November?

Maietta Campaign: No. I’m sure there will be long and hard days. But the residents of District 2 deserve a leader who will work tirelessly on their behalf. And the best way I can prove I am that person is to work tirelessly to earn their support, even before I am elected.

UR: Knowing that financial disclosure statements will be public, how much do you expect to spend on your race?

 Maietta Campaign: This is a strategy question and we prefer not to answer this question, at this time.

UR: We know you have the bus stop signs. Any other publicity you’re doing out there – yet?

 Maietta Campaign: I have held a few events, am working on building a digital presence, and am constantly out in the community meeting with my constituency.

UR: Do you worry about voter fatigue?

Maietta Campaign: Voter fatigue is an ever-present threat in this era of year-round politics, never-ending campaigns, and toxic hate-filled political rhetoric. However, I believe in being present in the community to learn from the people, and I do not plan on cutting back. Individual voters will opt-out of conversations they don’t want to have or when they don’t have time. But most people want to share their vision for their neighborhood and their new ideas for making life in Palm Springs better for everyone. I want to hear what they have to say and be as accessible as possible.






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