Are you jonesin’ for a Double-Double and chocolate milkshake? They might soon be closer than you think.

On a scale of one to 10, Cathedral City Mayor Stan Henry told Uken Report that chances of In-N-Out Burger opening in his city are a “seven or eight.”

A broker representative for the fast-food restaurant is scheduled to meet this month with Economic Development Director Stone James. The representative is reportedly evaluating the stores along Highway 111 in and around Trader Joe’s. Any potential pads in or around the Date Palm Drive and East Palm Canyon Drive area will not be considered.

It will not be the first visit, which indicates the level of interest.

“This is one of my top priorities,” Henry said in a phone interview. “It’s a name brand that brings recognition to a community. One of my priorities is to bring people to the downtown.”

Henry said the Irvine-based restaurant was in “very serious” talks with Cathedral City about 20 years ago and then economy crashed.

“This would enhance our downtown and encourage families to come,” Henry said. “Not everyone can afford to eat at a sit-down restaurant. This would provide families an alternative. They could have dinner and go to the movies.

There are currently three In-N-Out Burger restaurants in the Coachella Valley – Indio, La Quinta and Thousand Palms.

Communities feverishly roll out the welcome mat to king of the “Double-Double” because of the way it treats its employees. In-N-Out is one of the few fast food chains in the United States to pay its employees more than state and federally mandated minimum wage guidelines – starting at $11 per hour in California, as of May 2017.

It is a loyal customer base, including Hollywood celebrities. Adele soothed her bruised ego with an In-N-Out Burger after she had those cringe-worthy sound issues during her performance at the 2016 Grammys and Tweeted a photo. Sam Smith is another fan.

In-N-Out Burger is also a popular staple at Oscar parties.

If Henry has his way, the next time he speaks of In-N-Out, he will give the burger bar a “10” for locating in Cathedral City.

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