PALM DESERT — Cal State San Bernardino’s two student radio stations, Coyote Radio and Paws Radio, are collaborating to bring new programs to listeners.

The pair of stations serve the university’s campuses in both Palm Desert and San Bernardino

The four student/staff/faculty, and administration programs will be broadcast to listeners of both stations.

“We’re very excited. Students and listeners in the Inland Empire and Coachella Valley will be able to enjoy two brand new programs and two that we’re expanding upon,” Lacey Kendall, CSUSB broadcast consultant, said in a prepared statement.

The first is a short feature that runs at various times throughout each day – “A Minute with the President,” a reflective, informational or affirmational thought from CSUSB President Tomás Morales. The second show, a new program, “Coyote Vibes,” airs Fridays from 9-9:30 a.m. and is entirely student-produced and features short interviews with students, faculty and staff from both campuses, talking about music that has most inspired their lives.

Two programs that have been airing on Coyote Radio for years have been added to the lineup on Paws Radio at the Palm Desert Campus; “Let’s Talk Relationships” and “The Sustainability Show.” Now in its seventh year of production, “Let’s Talk Relationships” airs Fridays from 3-4 p.m. The program is a talk show featuring call-in guest experts and focuses on the various struggles of relationships. Hosts Kelly Campbell, a CSUSB professor of psychology and Garo Green, address each week’s topic from a social, psychological and clinical standpoint, and have welcomed some of the leading scholars, authors, and thinkers in the field to join in the popular program.

It is presented by the College of Social & Behavioral Sciences. “The Sustainability Show” is hosted by Breena Coates, a CSUSB professor of management, who welcomes various guests who use innovative techniques to move business forward while eliminating their ecological footprint on our planet. Presented by the Jack H. Brown College of Business & Public Administration, “The Sustainability Show” airs Fridays from 2-3 p.m.

The collaboration of the two stations allows students on both campuses to play a part in the writing, digital recording, editing, producing, and promotion of program content. “This innovative programming development gives our students the opportunity to be creative and train using professional radio production standards and expectations,” said Alfredo Cruz, co-manager for Coyote Radio & Advertising.

“The ultimate goal of Coyote Radio & Advertising and Paws Radio is to help students gain experiences in media technology and storytelling. By pulling together these shows and integrating radio stations on both campuses, we increase those opportunities while sharing our work with an even larger audience. This is a transformative experience for our students,” said Rueyling Chuang, interim dean of the College of Arts & Letters, who oversees both stations.

To listen live to Paws Radio, click here. To listen live to Coyote Radio, click here. 

For information regarding Coyote Radio and Advertising, contact Alfredo Cruz at (909) 537-3448 or Kelli Cluqué at (909) 537-3473. For information regarding Paws Radio, contact Lacey Kendall at (909) 537-5781.

Photo caption: Nadia Fuentes showcases her talent on Paus Radio



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