PALM SPRINGS – Desert Stonewall Democrats sent questionnaires to all registered Democrats vying for a spot on the City Council in the Nov. 5 election as part of the organization’s endorsement process.

Six candidates completed and returned the questionnaires. They are:

District 1: Grace Garner, Summer Helene, and Les Young.

District 2: Peter Maietta and Dennis Woods

District 3: Geoff Kors

All have been invited to participate in a candidate forum on Tuesday, July 16 at 6 p.m. at the Mizell Senior Center.

James Williamson, president of the Desert Stonewall Democrats, said he has every reason to believe all six will participate in the forum.

Noticeably absent from the endorsement process is Alfie Pettit, a registered Democrat, who is challenging incumbent Mayor Pro Tem Kors in District 3. Pettit said he believes the endorsement process is tarnished.

Pettit Rebuffs Dems' Endorsement Process

Alfie Pettit

In a blunt email to former City Councilmember Ginny Foat on June 22, Pettit said, “I will not be applying for endorsement to the Stonewall Democrats since you told me in person that you are supporting my opponent Councilman Geoff Kors and are actively involved in his campaign for reelection. Therefore, since you have already tainted this endorsement process due to your personal bias toward my candidacy, I will not be participating.”

Pettit sent a copy of his email response to Uken Report.

About an hour later on the same day, Foat sent Pettit a blistering response. Foat also copied Uken Report on her response.

Foat’s response, in its entirety, follows:

Pettit Rebuffs Dems' Endorsement Process

Ginny Foat

“This is one of the most insulting and stupid emails I have ever received.  I do not pick who is endorsed or supported by Stonewall Democrats. I am merely the volunteer facilitator for delivering the questionnaires. The committee, other Democratic clubs and the membership make the final decisions independent of any one individual and in public view. If you weren’t so politically naïve, immature, and self-centered you would realize that the membership of the club is diverse, independent and cannot be led by one person — they have minds of their own. You would also understand that our club greatly respects all who put themselves up for public service no matter who we personally support. The purpose of the questionnaires and the candidate forums is to give all of the Democratic candidates an opportunity to present themselves to the voting public.  The only taint on this process is when someone who looks at a political campaign as a competition among enemies rather than good people with varying ideas putting themselves forward to serve. Unfortunately the need to win at any cost does that to some people. I will inform the members of the club of your decision to not participate.”

All of the Democratic Candidates that have filled out a PAC questionnaire for Palm Springs City Council District 1, 2 and 3 have been invited to speak to the members of the club. Following the forum the Desert Stonewall PAC will be presenting their recommendations. Members can then vote their choice for the club’s endorsement. Any endorsement requires a 60% vote of members present and voting.

The endorsement process is a joint effort of Desert Stonewall Democrats, Democrats of the Desert, and Democratic Women of the Desert.

“We’ve done this the last few years to make it easier for candidates so that they don’t have to interview three times with each club.

Williamson said those attending will have an opportunity to hear the ideas and platforms put forward for the future of Palm Springs by Democratic candidates.



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