Supervisor Perez Schedules North Shore Community Meeting Wednesday to Review Power Outage Plan

NORTH SHORE – Supervisor V. Manuel Perez encourages residents of North Shore to attend a community meeting at 6 p.m. Wednesday, June 22 to discuss the plan of response to help the community during future prolonged power outage emergencies should they occur.

The meeting will be held at 6 p.m. Wednesday indoors at the North Shore Beach & Yacht Club Community Center in North Shore, 99-155 Sea View Drive. Spanish interpretation will be available.

Last year, North Shore was hit with two major power outages, occurring February 25‑February 27 and August 30-September 3, that cut electricity to residents for nearly a week during each incident.

In April, Supervisor Perez released a county plan of action detailing how the county, in collaboration with the Imperial Irrigation District (IID) and local, state and federal partner agencies, will prepare for, respond to and recover from unplanned power outages that turn into prolonged emergencies.

Wednesday’s meeting will go over this plan, the Riverside County Desert Area Power Outage Concept of Operations, with community members. The meeting will feature participation of agencies including IID and the Riverside County Emergency Management Department, who will make presentations and address questions along with Supervisor Perez.

“While Riverside County does not have jurisdiction over the electric system, when the power is out for an extended time especially during summer, it can quickly develop into a community‑wide emergency situation,” Supervisor Perez said in a prepared statement. “The county, along with IID and our partners, has an organized plan for how to quickly mobilize, coordinate and deploy resources and services such as food, shelter and transportation. This meeting will roll out this plan to the North Shore community, to help walk through the plan and review it with folks. We also want to answer any questions and concerns from the community. Our county is here to help whenever there is an emergency. We look forward to presenting updates on the additional solutions we are implementing for improving that emergency response.”


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