Cathedral City Professional Firefighters Association Endorses Rick Saldivar

Professional Firefighters Endorse Rick Saldivar

Rick Saldivar

CATHEDRAL CITY — Rick Saldivar on Thursday added another significant win to his endorsement column. Members of the Cathedral City Professional Firefighters Association notified Saldivar by letter that they are formally endorsing him City Council District 4.

“Over the course of our interactions, you have demonstrated your dedication to the community by working diligently writing grants to acquire funds as well as providing community service to the citizens of Cathedral City,” Corey Goddard, President of Cathedral City Professional Firefighters Association Local 3654, wrote in the letter.

Saldiivar, an outreach pastor for Destiny Church, told Uken Report, “It was really an honor to receive the firefighters’ endorsement. Our firefighters are heroes and for them to believe in me meant the world. Firefighters put their lives on the line combating fires and save countless lives every day and to be endorsed by such a worthy organization was an honor.”

The CCPFA endorsement gives Saldivar a trifecta of public safety endorsements. He has also garnered the support and endorsement of the Cathedral City Police Officers’ Association and The Cathedral City Police Management Association.

Saldivar is one of two men challenging first-term incumbent Ernesto Gutierrez for his seat on the City Council. The other is David Koslow. 

The election is Nov. 8.

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