Just when you thought you had seen it all, “peaceful protesters” were outside a Los Angeles Hospital calling for the death of two deputies who had been ambushed in Compton, Calif.

“One male deputy and one female deputy were ambushed as they sat in their patrol vehicle,” a sheriff’s department tweet read.

“Both sustained multiple gunshot wounds.”

Sheriff Alex Villanueva said at a press conference Saturday night that the shooting in Compton was done “in a cowardly fashion.”

Worse, the “peaceful protesters” tried to force entry into the hospital’s emergency room. Security guards at the hospital stood their ground and refused to let the angry mob into the hospital.

The mob shouted “death to police” and other expletives. When officers or deputies are shot it is standard operating procedure to assist families to the hospital. A county sheriff or a chief of police routinely visits with families at the hospital when possible.

Peace officers who serve in federal, state, or local law enforcement capacities are America’s first line of defense when we are assaulted, robbed, our homes burglarized, and much more.

Those wounded in the line of duty and being treated for those wounds are in the care of medical personnel and must be protected. We owe it to those wounded and their families to respect their privacy.

Families, friends, and fellow peace officers appreciate good thoughts and prayers. A medical center or hospital should be off limits to protestors. Blocking entry into the Emergency Room should be a crime. Lives are lost or saved in seconds. Delaying entry may cost a life.

Our 50 states should take a look at their laws and if blocking entry into an emergency room isn’t a crime, let’s make it one.

The “peaceful protesters“ are allowed to assemble but it should be made clear they cannot block entry to a hospital. That’s why we need laws on the books to prevent this type of nonsense.

We have seen protesters at our cemeteries yelling obscenities at the families of our fallen soldiers for years. Patriot Riders often use their motorcycles to drown out the protesters; tasteless harassment of grieving families.

Americans should be united in opposing this type of harassment by anarchists, socialists, and others whose lives are protected by these selfless heroes.

Ask your state and federal representatives to work on a law that prevents blocking the entry to emergency rooms and then passing it. Mayors, city and county commissioners or supervisors should also encourage state and federal office holders to protect entry to emergency rooms. Don’t forget to text, email, or snail mail these men and women who serve you.

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