Wanted: Citizen Sleuths to help PSPD Identify Suspects Under Investigation for Pool Equipment Theft

PALM SPRINGS — The Palm Springs Police Department has been receiving a significant number of theft reports, involving pool pumps and pool equipment worth thousands of dollars. The department is actively investigating each report it receives and is asking citizen sleuths to help.

Our Detectives have noticed certain patterns in these incidents, including victims being out of town or targeted homes being vacation properties.

The repairs and replacement of stolen equipment are costing victims between $5,000 and $7,000.

PSPD is urging residents to take extra measures to secure their pool equipment, by documenting serial numbers, installing cages, cameras and tracking devices.

The PSPD Detective Bureau is seeking the public’s assistance in identifying multiple suspects, under investigation for several pool equipment thefts, over the past few months. Police kindly request that you review the provided images and notify the PSPD Investigations Division if you recognize any of these individuals.

Do you know or recognize any of these individuals?



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