Richard Noble Seeks District 5 City Council Seat in Palm Springs, CA.

PALM SPRINGS — Nomination papers have been issued to Richard Noble, a clinical case manager/interventionist at a local treatment facility, for a possible challenge to incumbent City Councilmember Lisa Middleton in District 5.

Middleton is a qualified candidate, Noble currently is not. The official nomination closes Friday, Aug. 7, 2020.

Noble, who describes himself as 12 years sober, is local activist who organized an anti-Trump rally when President Trump visited the Coachella Valley in 2016. He says he made history in 2011-12 by walking the Rainbow PRIDE flag across the United States to demand an LGBTQ civil rights bill.

So, why City Council and why now?

Uken Report (UR): Why specifically are you running in District 5?

Richard Noble:  I see a lot of cities globally moving forward with dynamic and futuristic infrastructures and architects that leave tourists with a jaw dropping experience, all with sustainability and climate change in mind. I plan to introduce and implement great and welcoming change. I know our revenue as a city can quadruple with right planning. We must embrace science and spirituality to do that. District 5 has a lot of talent and when that talent is embraced and channeled, the renaissance will begin locally, right in District 5.

UR: What qualifies you for City Council?

Richard Noble:  Like the late Congressman John Lewis told me in his office when we met, he’s not a hero, just another activist. I’m just another activist moved by love and a great sense of conscience. That’s my qualification. Effective I might say.

As a community organizer I have summoned the greatest crowds Palm Springs has ever seen to end school gun violence, elevate women and the LGBTQ Community by initiating the draft of the Equality Act Resolution the council unanimously passed. I have built bridges with the tribe by initiating the very first American Indian Day in the City of Palm Springs.  I am the chair of both the Climate Reality Project, Palm Springs CA Chapter and the March for Science.

I pay attention to the pulse of the nation, the needs of the people, and I act. I am worried about the economy of Palm Springs and sense a spiritual renaissance coming. With spirituality and new emerging nanotechnology during a time of great worry and fear, I have aligned myself with people, like no other council member has done, with the greatest social and infrastructure reconstructionists known in modern civilization.

Don’t get me wrong. I love everyone on the Council but I have ideas and solutions people are looking for and not being offered by our current local government. There’s a great conversation taking place and I will make it my No. 1 job to include Palm Springs in that dynamic and very important conversation. I will facilitate that transformation and enjoy the long-term benefit of a robust and sustainable economy. Climate change is here and we must embrace it, adjust to it and meet the challenge. We must flip from fear to peace overnight. I know how to do that.


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