Throughout the past several months as our students have first worked in a virtual classroom, then enjoyed summer vacation, and are returning to a new way of learning, Desert Sands Unified School District has been introducing our schools to the community. We first featured our high schools and followed with our middle schools. We are now providing an opportunity for readers to learn more about the elementary schools in Desert Sands. As a district of choice school descriptions are provided for families wanting to know more about individual schools. Two schools are being featured each week.

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Out of This World – the Carreon Comets

By Principal Tiffany Norton

Dr. Reynaldo J. Carreon, Jr. Academy – home of the Carreon Comets – is a medical magnet academy where respectful scholars collaborate and critically think through rigorous and relevant learning in a college-ready culture. We are committed to providing a learning environment where students, parents, teachers, administration, staff, and community focus their time and energy ensuring that ALL of our scholars are learning in a respectful, collaborative environment. Our instructional staff works diligently to provide a welcoming learning environment that promotes higher level academic vocabulary, best “first instruction”, and 21st century learning skills. Through collaboration, our learning community focuses on reading, mathematics, and science skills based on the Common Core State Standards. Our goal is to ensure that all students are able to critically think through rigorous and relevant learning opportunities in a college ready culture.

A Showcase of DSUSD Elementary Schools

Dr. Carreon building sign

In addition to providing a strong core academic curriculum, we strive to enrich student learning through a balanced educational program. We work to create an academic, physical, emotional, social, and safe environment where everyone can learn and respect one another. We provide a variety of after-school enrichment opportunities for our students. These include: the ASES program, Yearbook Club, Battle of the Books, Art Club, Music Club, choir, band, Drama Club, and Math Field Day. Students are recognized for their academic and social achievements at monthly assemblies as “Scholars” and “Heroes.”

Attendance awards, music awards, character awards, and the Comet Champions Award are also a part of our monthly student recognition programs. Students have the opportunity to earn Fire Awards and Cosmo’s Class Awards when they demonstrate that they are safe, kind, respectful, and responsible.

We are a community of adults committed to creating a learning community that provides opportunities for greater academic achievement, meaningful interactions, and a safe, caring environment for all of our students.

Carrillo Ranch – Specializing in Visual and Performing Arts!

By Principal Teddi Blackim

Carrillo Ranch Elementary School is a home away from home. When you arrive at our school, you see a campus that comes alive with music, art, and innovation. In addition to enjoying academic success, every student has the opportunity to shine in athletics, drama, dance, art, band, choir, and/or technological creations.

A Showcase of DSUSD Elementary Schools

Carrillo art at CAMFest

This past year, students prepared for performances highlighting all of the above, and also became the district champions in inter-school flag football! Champion, our new Colt mascot, was sure proud of all of the accomplishments that Carrillo Ranch Elementary achieved.

We, at Carrillo Ranch, know it is important to serve our community, since our community is good to us.  We perform at community events, as well as collect materials for local shelters. We are looking forward to another year of greatness at Carrillo Ranch Elementary.

For more information on Desert Sands Unified School District, Dr. Carreon Academy, and Carrillo Ranch Elementary School,  and our early childhood education programs click here.

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