Venezuela’s long experiment with socialism may be coming to an end. The late Hugo Chavez promised prosperity for all when he introduced his brand of socialism.

An oil-rich nation in South America, only Chavez and his Generals, and other co-conspirators in his government could run a nation’s economy into the ground. If Chavez ran it into the ground,  Nicolas Maduro, Chavez’s hand-picked successor, buried it.

Sadly, 32 million residents suffer under Maduro. Unemployment is pushing 50 percent. Inflation is 1 million percent or the highest inflation rate ever recorded on our planet. The International Monetary Fund has deemed it the worst hyper-inflationary crisis in recorded history. That Maduro, a former bus driver, is clueless when dealing with his nations economy should not be a surprise to anyone.

Canada, Australia, most of the 28 nations  that comprise the  European Union  along with the United States are calling for the Venezuelan dictator to step aside.

Naturally, the dictator in chief isn’t inclined to step aside. His defense department and Generals are standing by their man. That’s to be expected. They are reportedly on his vast payroll and don’t want to leave that gravy train just yet.

Enter Juan Guaido,  a member of the National Assembly since 2010 and a full seat holder since 2015. The engineer, born in 1983, is now the interim president. He is recognized by numerous countries.

The United States, our Secretary of State, Secretary of Defense, and National Security Adviser have issued  stern warnings to Maduro and his followers,  including a threat of U.S. military intervention and economic sanctions were just imposed.

No doubt it is time for change, time for free elections  and time for a new president. While socialism has failed some 32 million residents deserve a new leader who will restore freedom, democracy, and the economy.