I have had incredible opportunities the last several years to travel to many countries; India, Thailand, China, South Korea, South Africa, Swaziland, Laos, México, Canada and Italy. Everywhere I have been, the people have been friendly, gracious and generous. The people in every country I travel to also had the same question to ask me — “How did Donald Trump get elected President?” or “How could the USA go from Barack Obama to Donald Trump?” It has been so difficult to answer because honestly I have no clue.

Now to be fair; I live in California, am successful in my business and I love my work with the city. So, I can’t really judge what people in Arkansas, Mississippi, West Virginia or any of the other red states that went with Trump. I don’t know nor understand their hardships or discouragement. But my God, there were 11 other candidates on the Republican side!

This week Trump finally admitted to Russian interference in the 2016 election, but offered no money to the states to help,protect their voting systems. More Russians were indicted for their role in hacking Clinton and DNC emails. His campaign manager goes on trial today, July 31, for close to 100 charges — tax fraud being one of the big ones.

The President again threatened via Tweet to shut the government down if he didn’t get the money he wants for his “big, beautiful”wall along the Mexican border. Additionally despite court orders there are still about 500 children that are still being separated from their families. No travel to reunite with families.

We also heard an audio tape of a conversation between Trump and his “fixer” Michael Cohen discussing paying off a Playboy bunny that Trump had an affair with AND we learned there were at least eleven more tapes. Richard Nixon at least waited till yeas four and five of his presidency. And he wasn’t trying to payoff hookers, get in bed with Russia (literally and figuratively).

It also seems that the White House is preparing short lists for a new Chief of Staff and new Press Secretary. We are very close to having almost the entire starting lineup gone.  Well, all except Ivanka and Jared.

The light at the end of the tunnel is that the mid-term elections are just 98 days away. Trump said he wants to spend five to six days a week campaigning for Republicans. It will involve travel. The pros on that side said forget the House. Use whatever influence you have on the Senate because, “that is where impeachment will be decided,” Everyone seems to know time is running out.

Now is the time to register to vote. Volunteer on phone banks. Take a few days and travel. Go volunteer in Arizona or New Mexico.

Travel Leads to Queries about Trump [Opinion]


We must take back our country. And always, Rise Up, Fight Back AND Resist!