CATHEDRAL CITY — It’s true what the proverbial “they” say about Starbucks. It’s not really about the coffee. It’s all about the experience.

There’s something comforting about the smell of fresh-brewed coffee lingering in the air.

It’s a place where friends, families, wannabe politicians, business partners, and more gather to converse, plot, plan, brainstorm, and laugh amid a beehive of activity.

It has become the go-to office away from the office.

One of my personal favorites is the Starbucks on East Palm Canyon Drive in the Canyon Plaza Shopping Center. The staff is like family. Unlike some of our collective grumpy family members, they are consistently friendly — patient.

Baristas are so much more than a title. They are internet troubleshooters, sanitarians, fixers in the best sense of the word. They mix and fix any combination you can concoct in your mind. And, I love the way they have their own language and understand verbal shorthand.

Let me give you an example. My business partner orders a “tall, green tea, frap, no whip.” He rattles off his order and they get it. They really get it.

In mere minutes, he is one happy camper.

Give me a Venti, nonfat, Peppermint Mocha, extra hot, and I’m ready to roll. It’s one a Starbucks Signature Holiday Drinks. 

Starbucks Is All About The Experience

Adam Lucas

Starbucks makes us feel welcome and appreciated. My business partner and I have set up shop there on numerous occasions, spread out across tables, fueled by ample caffeine.

We’ve tried other coffee shops but none compare to the customer service and internet service we receive at this Starbucks. It has served as an incubator for some of our best ideas. Stay tuned.

I knew we were on to something when I asked for an interview with former U.S. Air Force Sgt. Joe Hoyer, 72, of Cathedral City to talk about the LGBTQ Memorial in Cathedral City. His choice of places to meet? Starbucks, of course.

As we have discovered in our many brainstorming sessions there, others use it for similar purposes. It was ground zero for a recent political bid in the Democratic party. The pair were plotting and planning. Couldn’t help but overhear. It was indeed an experience.

It is my go-to place for holiday gift cards. They always have a wide assortment, not the Plain Jane ones you find in big box stores.

When I went in the other day to order a mother lode of gift cards all with individual amounts, my “colleague” graciously helped me select a beautiful assortment and provided an assortment of envelopes.

Did I mention she smiled the whole time?

By the way, bathrooms are unlocked and available to any and all.