On Thursday, July 18, proud families filled the La Quinta High School gymnasium and watched as 54 students turned their tassels at the Desert Sands Unified School District summer school graduation.

Regardless of their individual challenges, this was a time to celebrate a commitment to move forward, to complete their high school graduation, and take the next step into the future.

Summer School Provides Wealth of Opportunity

Shadow Hills High School graduate congratulated by Ana Conover, board member

Summer school provides students with the opportunity to retake a class, to pass it for graduation, or earn a higher grade as they work toward being A-G eligible for college. Incoming freshmen can take a math class to help prepare them for high school, while upperclassmen take a class to make room for more advanced classes or specialized electives during the school year. It is a time for student opportunity but summer school also offers options for educators.

Staff members take advantage of the opportunity to work in an area they might not focus on during the regular school year. The summer school principal is traditionally a current assistant principal, giving him or her the opportunity to experience running a school for six weeks; a teacher can be the TOSA (teacher on special assignment) serving in an assistant role to the principal and be given the chance to help with attendance, discipline, and evaluating transcripts.

Summer School Provides Wealth of Opportunity

Soon-to-be graduates

The counseling position is open to all current counselors providing those with middle school and elementary assignments the opportunity to work with high school credits and transcripts. Teachers are hired based on credentials meaning that elementary and middle instructors with single-subject credentials can teach a high school course. This gives teachers the chance to experience a different grade level and sometimes a different subject from the one they teach during the school year. This allows for personal growth and new learning perspectives for students.

Summer school opportunities give students an edge to a better academic future and provide staff with opportunities to grow professionally.


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