Workers Enjoy Office Halloween Parties

Office celebrations, like Halloween parties, can be an opportunity to break up the daily grind and build office culture.

However, for every fun office celebration (or tempting bowl of candy in the communal kitchen), there is a cringe-y observation that leaves workers longing for their desks. Zippia surveyed 1,000 workers to better understand workers’ thoughts on Halloween celebrations.

The results? The majority of your workers want and enjoy Halloween office celebrations, so buy some candy and let the spooky times roll.

Quick Facts

  • 57% of workers say their company will celebrate Halloween; however, 77% say they would enjoy a Halloween work party,
  • Only 27% of workers think their boss will dress up for Halloween.
  • What do office workers enjoy most about office celebrations? The food and candy!

Other Findings

  • Only 14% of workers say a coworker has dressed completely inappropriately for a work Halloween event.
  • Some examples of costumes they’ve seen? Strippers, political costumes, and just showing a whole lot of skin in general.
    23% of workers say “Bah candy corn” and hate workplace Halloween celebrations.
  • 1-in-3 workers plan on dressing up at work for Halloween.
  • 36% think their coworkers will costume up for the festivities.

Candy may win you friends and influence coworkers, but we can all probably agree some candies are just flat out tastier than others. The three least popular choices? Candy corn, black licorice, and Good And Plenty.

After that the choices become a little more muddled, revealing candy can be highly subjective. Your best bet (other than avoiding the candies that make people wrinkle their noses) might be to get a variety pack. After all, can you ever have too many candy choices?

METHODOLOGY, a career resource website, conducted a study of 1,000 workers across the US to better understand workers’ thought on workplace Halloween celebrations.

Each respondent was asked an identical series of questions.

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