The District One election in Cathedral City started out well. Both candidates, Rita Lamb and Shelley Kaplan, originally took the high road. There was some senseless chatter on social media, but it is Cathedral City and one would not have expected any less. Now, it’s becoming a farce.

What I did not expect was that as the ballots get ready to be mailed out to voters, a three-act farce, worthy of Oscar Wilde, would unfold this week on the pages of Uken Report.

Let us be clear, I have endorsed Rita Lamb based on my personal knowledge and working relationship with Rita. I have also served on the Cathedral City Public Arts Commission with Alan Carvalho, the spouse of Shelley Kaplan.

Act One

Mr. Kaplan apparently had some signs torn down. This is wrong if it was done maliciously. In my experience, however, many times it is kids or non-political types. Mr. Kaplan issued a statement blaming Mrs. Lamb’s supporters and charging all sorts of subterfuge. No proof provided.

Act Two

Mr. Kaplan has challenged Mrs. Lamb to attend a forum. She has stated her schedule is busy and she will continue campaigning. What Mr. Kaplan failed to state was that the original proposed forum was organized by a woman who endorsed Shelley Kaplan!! Mr. Kaplan, a very bright fellow, must have known Mrs. Lamb was not going to participate. Kind of like a school boy fight where someone yells, “Let me at him,” when they know the other person is walking away. Sound and fury signifying nothing.

Act Three

In a video for Rita Lamb, a snippet of tape was inadvertently used that was posted by Mr. Carvahlo. It was a shot of people eating from a food truck and appeared on a Cathedral City Page!!! Claims of infringement seem to be just a little far-fetched. This is a sin of omission, not commission.


For an encore, I am being told that a public records request for the business license of Mrs. Lamb and her husband have been requested. Gee, I wonder who did that. Perhaps someone with way too much time on their hands. Or more tellingly, a member of a scared campaign.

Mr. Kaplan has stated that the citizens of Cathedral City deserve a fair and honest election. Since I am in a theatrical mood, perhaps this paraphrasing from Shakespeare adequately sums up this farce: The fault, dear Kaplan supporters, lies not in the stars but perhaps in yourselves.

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