Editor’s note: This is Jeff Stone’s personal response to events in the state of California. These comments do NOT  reflect the positions of any other political bodies or elected officials.

Top liberal Union Sycophant Assembly Woman Lorena Gonzalez (Author of AB-5 Anti-UBER/LYFT Bill) Underscores California’s Hostility To Business Interests In California.


1. Assembly woman Lorena Gonzalez chairs the very powerful Assembly Appropriations Committee commonly known as the “killing fields” of both Democrat (moderates) and Republican bills.

2. She is a former union organizer that is 100% owned by labor.

3. She and her cronies in Sacramento have tried to coerce Elon Musk’s Tesla employees to unionize with the United Auto Workers. Musk repeatedly said “go pound sand” and his employees have never embraced  the effort to unionize because of the great pay and benefits TESLA offers them.

4. She passed AB-5 with most legislators reluctantly going along with it if they wanted their bills to stay alive. This is the “Independent Contractor Law” that was designed to go after UBER and LYFT to force their drivers to become employees of the same and, of course, become unionized!!!! Both UBER and LYFT are being litigated against by the state of California further blemishing our business atmosphere in California. Many other businesses have been caught in the “crossfire” between the state and these GIG companies causing tremendous anxiety and fear.

5. Elon Musk is a very smart guy….BUT he made one big mistake: Opening  his new startup car manufacturing company in California. He was smart the second time when moving his mega-battery factory to the much more business-friendly state of Nevada. He rightfully is now threatening to pick up his marbles and take them to another state that will appreciate him, his employees, and the taxes and investment they will collectively make in Nevada or Texas for years to come. He MUST get his TESLA factory back on line or his company can go bust like any other business presently suffering in lock-downed California.

It’s  a warning sign that should  be taken very seriously by all California concerns, especially the Governor and state Legislature!

So, what does the “lady-like” Assembly woman Lorena Gonzalez tweet in response to Mr. Musk’s threats to move his car manufacturing plant out of Californian if the state does not allow it to resume manufacturing soon?


Lorena Gonzalez is Hostile to Business [Opinion]Is this the proper decorum for a State legislator in California to use such vulgarity and lack of respect for a man who employees 10,000 people in the former golden State? Does she understand that each manufacturing job supports six other jobs? Does she care that her  abrasive comments to a successful billionaire and large California employer can be the “the straw that breaks  the camel’s back?” He could move the company with his “petty cash” if pushed. It ‘s not just the  10,000 good-paying  jobs that will disappear,  but also,  the 60,000 jobs that depend on TESLA’s presence.

Let’s be clear, so everyone understands. While Ms. Gonzalez was elected by a small number of voters in San Diego, she does NOT speak for the entire state of California that now sees her as a HUGE embarrassment and a symptom of a much bigger problem plaguing California.

Congratulations to Nevada or Texas. Without a dime spent on recruitment, Assembly woman Gonzalez  is your best cheerleader for yet more California businesses to throw their hands up and just say Adios to the once Golden State.

Another sad day for California.

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