Cathedral City, Indio Witnessing Housing Boom

The two largest cities in the Coachella Valley – Indio and Cathedral City — are experiencing a housing boom the likes of which they have not experienced in a decade or more.

New home construction in Cathedral City is currently at levels not seen for more than a decade, according to Robert Rodriguez, director of planning and building.

In Indio, Kevin Snyder, community development director, said the last time this community has witnessed this kind of housing boom was in the early 2000’s prior to the Great Recession.

DR Horton, America’s largest homebuilder, is constructing new homes in both communities. The boom is happening across and throughout the communities, not just specific pockets.

In Cathedral City, for example, DR Horton is building in the north.  Other housing developments include: Mountainview Estates near Date Palm and Ramon Road, Rio del Sol near Gerald Ford and Date Palm Drive, District East behind Target and many infill houses in the Panorama neighborhood.  Pre-owned homes are selling fast, too.

DR Horton

DR Horton

Approximately 110 modern style, single-family homes will soon begin construction along Santoro Drive in Cathedral City, which the Planning Commission approved in September. Called “Mountain View Estates,” these luxury homes will be located next to the Campanile development on vacant land to the west.  The project will offer buyers a sophisticated, sleek, and modern design comparable to new home construction in Palm Springs.

In the short-term, the housing boom creates construction jobs and offers Indio- and Cathedral City-based suppliers of goods and services increased work.

“The housing boom shows that people are looking to Cathedral City to live, work, and play,” Rodriguez told Uken Report.  “Cathedral City has a great variety of housing opportunities from affordable to luxury living.  Homes in Cathedral City are more competitively priced than homes in neighboring cities, so your dollar goes much further.  When people move into our city, it helps with generating revenue for our local businesses and city services (parks, roads, public safety).  The boom also creates a need for additional businesses that makes living in Cathedral City better.”

Cc-housing-data-with-logo-800x568-1Living in this new era of the COVID-19 pandemic, it has become evident that many people can work from home and not in office parks.  The need to live in large urban cities in small housing units is no longer necessary, Rodriguez said.

“Many families along the coast are now looking for a better quality of life with less traffic, better schools, and great entertainment options, and therefore, Cathedral City is high on their list,” Rodriguez said.

Still, there’s likely more to the housing boom.

“I think the downtown revitalization with the new casino, CVRep Playhouse, the new amphitheater, and the refurbishment of the Mary Pickford Theatre are all quality of life experiences that make Cathedral City an ideal place,” Rodriguez said.  “With these businesses will come additional restaurants and entertainment options adding to the overall appeal of our city.

Gallery Links III at Indian Palms

Gallery Links III at Indian Palms

Some examples of the housing boom in Indio include Shadow Ranch: 80 lots, DR Horton; Monte Vina: 300 lots, DR Horton & WSI Mojave; Espana: 55 lots initially with an option for the additional 60 remaining lots; Almeria at Espana, 114 new homes, Avenue 40 and Adams Street,

“For the last several years, the city of Indio has consistently led the Coachella Valley cities in permit activity,” Kevin Snyder, community development director, told Uken Report. “The ty of Indio has a large inventory of lots, is affordable, has high quality schools, offers outdoor active and passicive recreation opportunities and has a diversity of commercial businesses. This has attracted new and move-up buyers that has in turn attracted regional and national home builders. While it can’t be quantified, the city has also heard from different builders that some buyers are relocating from other areas of the state and the country as a result of increased permanent remote work opportunities.”

Indio-housing-data-with-logo-800x568-1Snyder said the city is also seeing increased interest in multi-family residential development that can be attributed in part to land availability and affordability, community need for more diverse housing choices and developer confidence in the marketability of this form of residential product.

“In the long-term, more residents create new customers for Indio businesses and a larger base of potential employees for businesses,” Snyder said. “Additionally, existing businesses may make decisions to expand based on a growing city population while other businesses may be attracted to the city because of the growth in the permanent residential base.”


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