El Morocco Inn & Day Spa owner explains why he chose to advertise on Uken Report

Placing a variety of ads in Uken Report turned out to be a rewarding and lucrative choice for El Morocco Inn & Day Spa!

We are a small Inn and Spa in Desert Hot Springs offering day-use passes to locals and visitors alike and wondered how things would go during COVID. We needed a way to get the word out there on a local level to let folks know we were still operating, and safely, in order to save our business. Using Uken Report to spread the word was a wise choice indeed!

I was able to choose all kinds and levels of ad placement, something which proved invaluable as the months went by. On some months we are able to move our ads to every page of the website in order to get into the mindset of the various and diverse readers. This is something that was even more effective and far less costly than a billboard, but was read by thousands throughout Southern California. Also knowing that the newsletter hit readers’ inboxes every week (at least for those who sign up for the weekly newsletter) was another great way to keep us in the forefront of peoples’ minds.

Showcasing our offerings with a wide variety of services was a big hit, too, as many inquired further about the unique product styles.

The ability to enlist the services and expertise of this very high-quality publication was a wise choice for my company and it certainly bore itself out providing a nice steady stream of referrals for our boutique hotel.  I wouldn’t hesitate to use Uken Report for other businesses thanks to her ability to help me write and understand the various market segments that are reached through Uken Report.

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