It just keeps getting worse. If you could imagine.

We all knew the President had no experience, was a bully and a blowhard. What we didn’t know was his attraction to dictators, his out and out racism and that beyond no experience he has no respect for American values

The week started with public clamor over his policy of separation of children and parents who cross the border with no documentation. It ended with an executive order stopping the forced separation and a promise to reunite the children, claiming “we know where they all are.”

Yet only 500 have been reunited to their parents

It get worse.

In between, we heard of kids being force-fed psychotropic drugs and Camp Pendleton being ordered to prepare to house 47,000 migrants. Remember the internment of Japanese in WWII and the medical experiments the Nazis did on Jews, Gypsies  and Gays.

This man must go. He has antagonized everyone of our allies with his immigration tactics, his sky high tariff’s and his cozying up to his new butt boy, Kim Jong Un. Now he is calling for big tariffs on foreign made cars.

It get worse.

Republican senator’s from farm states are even telling him how his actions are crippling American agriculture.

His 18 months in office will take us decades to correct — if ever. I am not sure how we make it another 2 1/2. One thing is for certain, Everyone must vote in November and take back the Congress. One party rule should not mean capitulation to the executive.

I am in Italy this week with the Official Choir of Cathedral City. They are touring the country and performing at St. Peters Basilica and other places. We have toured throughout Rome and head to Florence and Pisa next.

These young people are amazing! They give me some hope for our future.

They will give a free concert on their return. Everyone is welcome.

Mille Grazie Concert*

Sunday, 1 July  at 4 p.m.

Community Presbyterian Church – 38088 Chuperosa Lane, Cathedral City

WHAT: A Celebration of Thanksgiving to the Business Community of Cathedral City

WHY: We wish to thank all our sponsors & benefactors for helping make this trip a reality.

Light refreshments will be served immediately following.

*A Concert of a Thousand Thanks!

Official Choir of Cathedral City

I hope to see everyone there

Worse, it Just Keeps Getting Worse [Opinion]


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