Will you fight to preserve the fundamentals our Founding Fathers established these United States of America on — or not? Choice matters

The esteemed Democratic leader in Cathedral City, Greg Pettis, just keeps outdoing himself. Just as soon as you think he can’t do worse he manages to publish another shit stirrer article full of negative, negative, negative.

He states we have made so little progress regarding race relations in our society. He also states some things he recalls from his past like protests on school campuses, etc. Well, surprise, we will always have the right to protest peacefully —I hope. Last time I checked it has been a long time since we had people hanging from a tree or being washed down the street with a fire hose, or slave masters whipping their slaves or raping their slave women.

Pettis’ Democratic Party knows a thing or two about that and the KKK. He at least acknowledges “WE,” I assume he means the Democratic Party, when he says “we deluded ourselves when we elected a black President 10 years ago.” That’s a fact, Obama did more damage to race relations and the status of the USA throughout the world than many presidents in the past.

Just look at those examples, like Iran and his hometown Chicago. Pettis best put the blame where it belongs and credit where it belongs as well. He has a choice.

President Trump has a lower unemployment rate with minorities than we have had for years. Pettis would prefer to divert to the Paul Manafort tax issue that has nothing to do with the president. Then Pettis states, “this is fast becoming the most corrupt administration in history.” So, lets clear this up. Where in the hell was Pettis during the Clinton Bonnie and Clyde days where they were robbing our tax dollars and selling off America while pocketing the money? Obama bowing down to every country with apologies and the Crown he can wear as King Obama for the Iran Deal. Yeah, King du du!

So, the bottom line, President Trump is trying to keep his promises and clean up the Swamp of the Clinton and Obama administrations. Meantime, Pettis is off to Chicago to help pick a new list for Democrats to run for president, (they are so good at it like the two previous Presidents Clinton and Obama.)  No doubt the choice will be among Pelosi, Waters, Schumer, Bernie, Biden, Harris, Feinstein, and don’t forget DeLeon.

Pettis is right about one thing and that is “we must get involved.” You have a choice. If you want a future that looks like Venezuela Socialism follow Pettis. But if you want to preserve the fundamentals our Founding Fathers established these United States of America on, I assure you there is no better choice than the President we have!

President Trump!

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