Do the Right Thing Program Honored with The Community Delinquency Prevention Award by JJDPC Awards Committee

The Do the Right Thing program has been chosen by the Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (JJDPC) Awards Committee to receive the esteemed Community Delinquency Prevention Award, the Palm Springs Police Department announced.

This recognition underscores the program’s significant contributions and the exceptional dedication of community caregivers, county agency staff, and community-based organizations to the youth in our communities.

A Legacy of Positive Impact: The History of the Do the Right Thing Program

Founded in 1990 by psychologist Terri Ketover in Florida, the Do the Right Thing program began during her consultancy with the Miami Police Department. The inspiration for the program came during a police department awards ceremony when an officer highlighted the need to recognize a teenager who had turned in a loaded gun found at his school. Moved by the potential to positively influence youth behavior, Ketover crafted a vision for a program that would not only bolster self-esteem by rewarding socially desirable behaviors but also elevate these young individuals as role models for their peers.

Terri Ketover’s initiative has earned widespread recognition, including official accolades from the Florida House of Representatives and even the White House, celebrating her innovative approach to youth engagement and crime prevention. Over the decades, Do the Right Thing has evolved into an international crime prevention initiative, boasting over 60 chapters across the United States, with additional chapters in Germany and England, impacting over 500,000 students. This program has been instrumental in building community trust and appreciating youths who contribute positively to society.

In collaboration with KESQ News Channel 3, Chief Andy Mills, and the Palm Springs Police Department, the program was introduced in Greater Palm Springs in April 2023. Since its inception, more than 600 students have been nominated, each receiving recognition through commemorative T-shirts and certificates, with 63 students earning special commendations.

Continuing to Support Our Youth: Upcoming Initiatives

The program is set to launch its “Scholarship & Student Assistance” (SSA) project on May 15th, awarding $27,500 in scholarships to 23 deserving PSUSD graduating seniors for a variety of educational and entrepreneurial pursuits. An additional $7,500 will be distributed to students identified by counselors as being in dire financial need, covering essential expenses like clothing and food. The SSA project is supported by generous donations from foundations and individuals committed to the welfare of our youth.

Encouraging the Right Choices

“We are deeply encouraged by our youth’s remarkable decisions and actions. Seeing our youth choose integrity and responsibility renews our hope and commitment to a brighter future,” Chief Andy Mills said.

Mayor Jeffrey Bernstein said, “Do the Right Thing demonstrates that, given a little support, our kids can achieve the high goals that make Palm Springs an even more fabulous place to live, work, and play. They have demonstrated through their actions how each of us can rise to the challenge of making this a more just society.”

Award Presentation Date

The Community Delinquency Prevention Award will be formally presented to the Do the Right Thing program on May 16th, further highlighting the program’s significant contributions to youth and community welfare.




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