Police Report Identifies Joel L. Kinnamon as Victim of Assault on Jan. 27

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RANCHO MIRAGE — Nearly two months after College of the Desert Trustee Joel L. Kinnamon said UFCW President Joseph Duffle attacked him, a police report supports his claim. The report refers to both assault in one location and battery in another.

The police report mirrors and substantiates what Uken Report has previously reported.

It all transpired on Jan. 27 about 3:45 p.m. when Sgt. R. Contreras Zanercik was dispatched to 73300 Fred Waring Drive (Palm Dessert Library] in regard to an alleged recent battery, according to the heavily redacted police report. Upon arrival, he spoke with Kinnamon.

The former president of College of the Desert told Zanercik that he had been attending a Democratic Party “meet and greet” and afterward were socializing and discussing issues brought forth during the event. Duffle had not taken kindly to a question Kinnamon had asked and Duffle’s “displeasure” had carried over to this socializing time.

[Portion redacted]

Kinnamon was standing nearby while this was occurring and told Duffle it was his question; there was no reason for him to become upset at somebody else. Kinnamon asked Duffle why he was endorsing candidates that would vote contrary to the union members’ interests, according to the police report.

Joseph became irate and stated, “You want to take this on right here, right now!”

According to the police report, Duffle suddenly lunged at Kinnamon and struck him in the chest with both of his fists. Kinnamon stated that Duffle used the back of his fists “to pound/push him in both sides of his chest approximately five to six times. The impact caused him to fall backwards onto a plastic table that had been set up for the event.

Kinnamon recalled laying on his back on the table when Duffle struck him again in the same manner, according to the report.

“For unknown reasons, possibly because somebody had yelled for the police to be called, Duffle stopped the assault and left the area,” the report states.

On Jan. 29, Investigator William Hickock of the Palm Desert Sheriff’s Station stated he would be conducting further follow-up investigation into the alleged assault, including obtaining a statement from Duffle.

Physical evidence includes photos, according to the report. Kinnamon suffered “minor scrapes, cuts, bruises, injuries needing only minor First Aid or no injuries,” the police report states.

The day of the incident Duffle told Uken Report, “You do not put hands on a union official and threaten to take him out without there being a response,” Duffle told Uken Report. He did not elaborate. Since then, Duffle has declined to comment.

He has reportedly hired John Patrick Dolan, a leading criminal defense attorney in the Coachella Valley.

Since the incident, Kinnamon has filed a temporary restraining order against Duffle. A hearing date is pending.






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